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Exposure Limits for Bleaching Chemicals

Exposure Limits for PPS Decomposition Products

Exposure Limits of Butadiene in Selected Countries

Exposure Limits of Selected Colloidal Materials

Exposure Sources in the Chemical Process Industry

Expressions for Reaction Half-Lives

Extended Bentonite Mud System

Extent of NDE carried out on new buildings

Extent of Solvolysis with Aryl Participation as a Function of Substituent and Solvent for l-Aryl-2-propyl Tosylates

Extent of Syn Elimination as a Function of the Leaving Group in the S-Decyl System

Exterior Acrylic Latex Flat Water-Based House Paint

Exterior Alkyd-Linseed Oil Flat Solvent-Based House Paint

External Area of Fin Tube Per Ft of Bundle Surface Area for 1-in. OD Tubes

External surface resistance, R o

Extract from data set containing concentrations of seven minerals m mineral water.

Extraction Methods, Amount, and Length of Various Natural Fibers

Extraction of Fe Cation with Ligand

Extraction of Metal Cations with Ligands

Extraction of Metal Cations with Ligands

Extraction of Metal Picrates with Ligands

Extraction-spectrophotometric methods of metals determination

Extractive Processes for BTX Recovery

Extractive Processes for the Separation of Benzene—Toluene—Xylene Mixture from Light Feedstocks

Extractor Selection Chart

Extremal value parameters from initial loading stress distributions

Extreme-Line Casing Dimensions and Weights

Eyring activation parameters for NaOH-catalyzed methylolation in relatively concentrated aqueous solutions

F and G constants for polymers and gases

F-2 Wire Table — lEC R40

Fabrication and Assembly Costs

Fabrication and Assembly Costs

Fabrication Demand by Country, t

Fabrication Demand of Silver, t

Fabrication Parameters to Analyze in Materials Selection

Facilitated Transport Systems

Facility-Siting Checklist

Factor P For Babcock Steam Formula

Factors for Collapse Pressure Formulas

Factors Governing Choice of Regeneration Method

Factors Impacting on the Performance of Membrane Processes.

Factors in exposure and effects of air pollutants

Factors of safety for ductile and brittle materials and various loading conditions

Factors to Consider for Plant Siting

Failure Modes Effects Analysis for Valve A in Figure 3.4.4-6

Failure Modes for Process Equipment

Failure Modes of Various Devices

Failure Rate Data for Process Hardware

Fan Laws

Fan Laws

Fan Laws

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