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-plots for the adsorption of nitrogen on a sample of microporous titania, before and after nonane treatment. Curve 25 C. The a,-plots were based on standard nitrogen isotherms having the same r-values as the isotherms of

A back pull-out design

A back-pressure turbo-alternator operating in parallel with the grid supply

A basic elementary osmotic pump.

A basic forward-mode converter .

A basic layout for a vehicular ANG storage system.

A basic three phase separator

A bead filter, one of many types of biological filters, shown in association with a laboratory-scale recirculating water system. Small plastic beads inside the fiber glass chamber provide surface area for colonisation by bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrate.

A benzene moleeule on a graphite surfaee , The geometry and the eharge density

A biocheiTiical reaction and the various pieces of information that have been stored in a reaction database.

A Birge-Sponer extrapolation for determining the dissociation energy, Dq, relative to the zero-point level. The actual points lie on the solid line in a typical case

A blade on the rotation table in front of the image intensifier Technical data of the X-Ray tubes are given in table 1.

A block diagram for an on-line condition monitoring system.

A block diagram for producing 1,4-butanediol from maleic anhydride.

A block diagram schematic representation of a Fourier transform nmr spectrometer, ie, a superconducting magnetic resonance system.

A block flow diagram showing the combined reforming for methanol synthesis.

A bond rotation in the middle of a molecule may lead to a large movement at the end.

A brake press illustrating the use of a flywheel Courtesy

A branch broke when a crane was used to move a live line.

A brass condenser tube severely wasted by condensing vapors containing ammonia.

A brass tube showing plug-type dezincification. The white patch above the plug on the external surface was caused by dissolved solids, concentrated by evaporation of water leaking through the porous dezincified plug.

A broken tooth will produced an asymmetrical sideband profile

A bubble raft illustrating the nature of a dislocation. The region of misfit near Y can be seen.

A bubble raft illustrating the nature of a dislocation. The region of misfit near Y can be seen.

A calculated reflectivity profile for a perdeuterated polystyrene film with a thickness of SO nm on a silicon substrate. The calculation was for a specimen where the interfaces between the specimen and air and the specimen and the substrate were sharp. This causes the reflectivity on average to decrease in proportion to k or 9. The separation distance between the minima of the oscillations diractly yields the thickness of the specimen, as shown.

A calorimeter for enthalpies of mixing in the absence of a vapour space.

A capital variation proposal

A cartoon showing the phase change in loops containing a conical intersection.

A cdf of a continuous variable is provided in

A cellular flame in butane oxidation on a burner.

A centrifuge uses a rotating bowl to produce centrifugal force.

A cermet is a particulate composite of a ceramic . A crock in the ceramic is arrested by plasticity in the cobalt.

A chain-folded polymer crystal. The structure is like that of a badly woven carpet. The unit cell shown below, is relatively simple and is much smaller than the polymer chain.

A Changes in chemical shift of protons of cyclophane -CH - groups between bipyridinium and phenyl in H NMR spectra of 3 as a function of -DOPA. The solid line is calculated for 1

A characteristic D-log H curve.

A characteristic polyhedral expansion reaction leading to isomeric Co 2C2BgH2Q clusters where O represents BH , CH. The

A chemical process totally contained in a large pressure vessel

A chip-type surface mount soHd tantalum capacitor.

A chlorine storage system with collection sump with vapor containment -

A circular coiled coil

A circularly symmetric Gaussian probability distribution p x,y describing a two-dimensional random walk emerges for large times on the macroscopic level, despite the fact that the underlying Euclidean lattice is anisotropic.

A circulating current scheme to provide a phase and a ground fault differential protection

A close-up of the mechanical lubricator on the traction engine. Unless the bore of the steam cylinder is kept oiled it will become worn and scored. The lubricator pumps small metered quantities of steam oil into the cylinder to stop this happening. The drive is token from the piston rod by the ratchet and pawl arrangement.

A closed-cycle gas turbine arrangement

A closer view of the disturbed area of the bundle in Fig, 5 the concentric nature of the tubes is shown. The outermost tubes are broken and the adjacent inner tubes are complete.

A coke-chemical plant in Ukraine.

A collision cylinder for particles with velocity v striking a small region of area A on the surface of a contamer within a small time interval 5f Here is a unit nomial to the surface at the small region, and pomts into the gas.

A commercial dialysis faciUty showiag the dialysis section of a German brewery where alcohol is removed from beer. Technical dialysis modules contain up to 50,000 capillaries and around 23 m of membrane surface area. Typical plants might contain between 50 and 100 modules.

A commercial instrument, the Brookfield Digital Viscometer, based on the geometry of the concentric cylinder viscometer.

A commercial spark plug witli its electrically insulating ceramic body comprised of alumina and glass .

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