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-Trichloroethane Demand, lO t

A brief comparison between a transistor and basic thyristor technology

A Comparison Between Module Types.

A Comparison of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions and Their Uncatalyzed Counterparts

A Comparison of Isolated Xylans from Different Sources

A Comparison of Properties of Cermets

A comparison of PSA bonds and conventional adhesives

A Comparison of Testing with Different Gases

A comparison of the lead and iron blast furnaces

A Cycles A with addition of CO2 equipment

A Electronic spectra of some complexes of nickel

A Few Common Copolymers and Their Constituents

A few correspondences between elements of continuous physics and Fredkin s discrete mechanics from table 1 in .

A For series I voltage systems

A four-stage binary scheme

A gives data for a number of octahedral and tetrahedral complexes.

A gives for these conditions a temperature-altitude factor of. 135.2

A lis le of the additive invariants for a few selected T column gives the form for such that

A list of all .

A list of some of the more common descriptors. Details of some of these descriptors can be found elsewhere as indicated. This table is restricted to those descriptors which can be computed it therefore excludes certain classes .

A Matrix of Regeneration Characteristics

A natural rubber-phenolic construction masking tape

A novolac formula example

A Nucleoside Antibiotics

A point of contrast with the data for base-catalyzed removal of a proton

A pressure-sensitive SBR-phenolic adhesive

A quick-and-dirty comparison of some recently suggested measures of complexity.

A Solar heat gains glass walls and roof sensible heat

A Spreadsheet for Scoping Analysis Data

A System of Equipment Designations

A typical plywood resole formula

A Typical Recipe for the Emulsion Polymerization of Styrene

A Typical Recipe for the Synthesis of Uniform Hydrophilic Microspheres

A typical U.S. plywood mix

A-1 Analogous Elements between tbe Thermal and Electrical Domains

A-1 Tensor versus Contracted Notation for Stresses and Strains

A-1 Tensor versus Contracted Notation for Stresses and Strains

A-2 Thermal Resistances of Common Thru-hole Power Packages

A-3 Typical Surface Mount Package Thermal Resistances

A-Fluoropyridines and Analogues

a-Methylstyrene Producers and Capacities, 1995

A16 12 Armoured cable 3.8 6.6 kV

A2eotropic Boiling Points of Allyl Alcohol—Water—Organic Solvent Systems

Abbreviation and Partition Coefficient of Unmodified or Modified PoIy

Abbreviations of Properties or Uses of Commercial Surfactants

ABMA Limits For Boiler Water

ABMA limits for boiler water

ABMA Recommended Boiler-Water Limits

Abrasion Tests for Artificial Turf, Effective Pile Loss,

Abrasion values of trowelled epoxy resin flooring compositions, using BS 416

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