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X-Ray Structures of Compounds with Five-membered Rings and Two, Three or Four Heteroatoms

X-Ray Structures of Pyrazole Complexes

X-Ray Structures of Pyrazoles and Indazoles

Xanthine and Xanthine Derivatives Used as Oral Antiasthmatic Agents

XI-1 ion is potential determining—oxides, silicates, phosphates, carbonates, and so on. For these, adsorption of surfactant ions is highly pH-dependent. An example is shown in Fig. XI-14. This type of behavior has important applications in flotation and is discussed further in Section XIII-4.

XIIL Esters.

XPS Data of Grafted Polyethylene

XPS Details of Cls, Nls, and Ols Spectra from TAC Grafted PE

XRF results for films of Cr, FeNi, and Cu.

XVIIL Tertiary Amines and Derivatives—con mue i.

XVL Primary Amines and Derivatives.

XVL Primary Amines and Derivatives—continued.

XXL Nitro-compounds.

XXVIII. Ethers continued .

XXVIII. Ethers continued .

XXVIII. Ethers continued .

XXVIII. Ethers continued .

XXVIII. Ethers continued .

XXVIII. Ethers continued .

XXVIII. Ethers.

XXVIII. Ethers.

Xylenes Eeonomie Data in 1995,10 t

Xylenes Plus Transalkylation of Toluene and Aromatics Compounds, Relative Wt Units

Y Values for Some Solvent Systems

y values of various electrolytes at different concentration.

Yaws Method for Selected Distillation Recovery from a Specific Feed for Example 8-22

Year of Discovery or Market Introduction of Some of the More Important Antibiotics

Year-End U.S. Prices of Zinc Oxide, kg

Yearly Price of Dextrose, HFS, and Com Symp in the United States, kg

Yellow and Orange Commereial Azo Aeid Dyes, U.S. 1988

Yellow and Orange Reactive Dyes

Yellow and Orange Shade Commercial Direct Dyes, U.S. 1988

Yellow and Orange Shade Commercial Disperse Dyes

Yield of ATP from Glucose Oxidation

Yield of calcined coke for WVU test graphites

Yield of Drilling Clays

Yield of Oligomers at Various Contact Times and Temperatures, wt

Yield strength, cr tensile strength, o-js, and tensile ductility,

Yield strengths of 5000 series alloys

Yield strengths of work-hardened aluminium alloys

Yields at High and Low Severity For Full-Range Naphtha Feedstock

Yields From Typical Ethylene Feedstocks, wt

Yields of Carbohydrate Components from Loblolly Pine

Yields of Organosilanes via Reduction with LiAlH and LiH

Z Values of Some Solvents

Zeolite Compositions

Zeolites and Their Pore Dimensions

Zero-point energy corrections

Zero-pressure, shock-velocity intercepts of porous powder compacts.

Ziegler-Nichols PID parameters using the Continuous Cycling Method

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