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Overview of the structure of the SV40 virus particle, showing the packing of pentamers. The subunits of pentamers on fivefold positions are shown in white those of pentamers in six-coordinated positions are shown in colors. The six colors indicate six quite different environments for the subunit.

Overview of the wavelet transfonn and multi-resolution analysis scheme ,

Overvoltage protection schemes

Overvoltage protection with the help of a spark gap and a shorting switch

Overvoltage protection with the help of a ZnO resistor, spark gap and a shorting switch

Oxazaborolidine 4 and a-bromoacrolein

Oxidation and reduction reactions using microbial transformation for steroid synthesis.

Oxidation of a convex surface by anion diffusion the outward translation of the oxide gives tensile cracking in the initially formed oxide

Oxidation of a convex surface by cation diffusion the compressive stress in the initially formed oxide may lead to void precipitation

Oxidation of aromatic amine antioxidants .

Oxidation of flat surfaces, when anions diffuse the oxide drifts in the opposite direction

Oxidation of high-purity iron in oxygen at differing pressures. All figures on curves are in N m . At 1-3 x 10 tol-3 x 10 N m torr the rate is controlled by the impact of molecular oxygen at I - 3 x 10 N m torr the initial rate of oxidation is sufficiently high to give void precipitation and the rate decreases with pressure increasing to l-3N m at pressures greater than this the crack-heal mechanism becomes operative and the rate again increases with pressure after Hussey and Cohen

Oxidation of magnesium at 500 C illustrating the increase in rate to the constant value

Oxidation process. To convert kPa to mm Hg, multiply by 7.5.

Oxidation rate at 535 C of I8Ni250 maraging steel compared with a generally-available tool steel. These tests were performed on 7 in

Oxidation rates of uranium in distilled water, air, CO2 and CO as a function of

Oxidation state diagram for As, Sb and Bi in acid and alkaline solutions, together with selected data on N and P for comparison.

Oxidation state diagram for phosphorus.

Oxidation states of nitrogen showing standard reduction potentials in volts

Oxidative coupling of acetylenic carbinols

Oxidative coupling products of methylated derivatives of laudanosoline . See Table 8.

Oxidative decarboxylation of alpha-ketoacids.

Oxidative degradation of a polyether polyol.

Oxidative reactions of butadiene.

Oxidative transformation products formed during the antioxidant action of BHT.

Oxide growth stresses on curved surfaces after Hsueh and Evans

Oxide-coated junctions can often slide more easily than ones which are clean.

Oxidoreductase . Three levels of accuracy are illustrated

Oxo hydrogenation process for 1-propanol.

Oxy-acetylene panel test showing the survival of a flower kept on the asbestos-CNSL polymer composite of thickness 6.35 x 10 m.

Oxygen fatigue test—lignosulfonate mud, 9.5 pH.

Oxygen fatigue test—nondispersed mud, 8.5 pH.

Oxygen Index Values for Plastics

Oxygen permeabihty of poly. See Barrier polymers for a

Oxygen permeabilities of ethylene—vinyl alcohol copolymers at 20 C . See Table 1 for unit conversions.

Oxygen permeability in a vinylidene chloride copolymer film at selected levels of plasticizer . Plasticizer level in parts pet hundred resin

Oxygen permeability versus 1 specific free volume at 25 C 10. acrylonitrile barrier polymer 11. vinyUdene chloride copolymer 12. polymethacrylonitrile and 13. polyacrylonitrile. See Table 1 for unit conversions.

Oxygen permeabiUties of block . See Table 1 for unit

Oxygen permeabiUties of vinyUdene chloride— -butyl acrylate copolymers . See Table 1 for unit conversion.

Oxygen pressure-enthalpy diagram.

Oxygen solubility in salt solutions.

Oxygen solubility in water at varying temperatures.

Oxygen-based direct oxidation process for ethylene oxide .

OxyTech Systems MDC cell

OxyTech Uhde HU-type cell

Ozone-propene reaction pathways showing oxidation products.

P -D-Arabinofuranosylcytosine and derivatives.

P -Scan of welded joint.

P-Oxidative degradation of hydrocarbons.

P-scan and T-scan images reconstructed from recorded A-scans

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