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Lower left-hand scale

Lowest five hannonic oscillator wavefimctions and probability densities i if.

LP Oxo gas recycle flow scheme

LP Oxo liquid recycle flow scheme

LPG recovery process.

LPG road tanker.

LPG storage vessel for a domestic installation.

LRO-parameter S versus temperature as determined by X-ray diffraction and as calculated from resistivity measurement for CujoPtso

LST path in Cartesian and internal coordinates

Lube oii reservoir.

Lube oil block diagram used for a compressor lube system with a control system and a seal oil system.

Lube oil console. Courtesy of Elliott Company

Lube oil schematic, Sulzer standard.

Lubricated and nonlubricated balanced opposed process reciprocating compressors, designed to API 618 code. Fixed- and variable-speed drives using gas or diesel engines, steam or gas turbines, or electric motor. Note power drive to connect to right side of cross-head box in center. Used by permission

Lubrication diagram for a flooded screw compressor.

Lubrication system for a compressor that requires two levels of pressure.

Luminometer ratings of hydrocarbons , O, -paraffins V, -paraffins , cyclopataffins A, olefins , aromatics.

Luminous efficiency vs peak emission wavelength for conventional commercial LED technologies. Also shown are data for the emerging

Lummus direct-coupled cyclone design.

Lummus—Unocal—UOP Hquid-phase ethylbenzene process where PEB polyethylbenzene.

Lumped element models of transmission line electrical characteristics.

Lurgi process .

Lurgi-Rhurgas flash pyrolysis system, where 1 is a lift pipe 2, primary pyrolysis reactor 3, screw feeder 4, secondary pyrolysis reactor 5 and 7,

LWD logs recorded while drilling ,

LWD resistivity logs recorded during a wiper pass.

Lyapunov exponent versus a for 2.9 a 4 for the logistic equation see text.

Lyotropic liquid crystal structures

Machine learning and the disciplines involved in this process.

Machinery analyses showing the comparison of baseline signature to signature before overhaul.

Machinery failure analysis methodology

Macro graph of an Inconel 182 weld .

Macroscopic contact angle 0, and microscopic contact angle 0,. S solid L — liquid G gas.

Magaetic hysteresis loop of an initially demagnetized material , and the slopes of lines B and C, with tangents to curves 1 and 2, represent B H and respectively. Terms are defined ia the text.

Magdalene Bridge built in 1 823 an the site of the ancient Saxon bridge over the Cam. The present cast-iron arches carried, until recently, loads far in excess of those envisaged by the designers. Fortunately, the bridge has now undergone a well-earned restoration.

Magnaflux powder shows fatigue cracks that occurred at toes of gussets on a compressor bottle. Used by permission

Magnesia manufacturing process, Martin Marietta Magnesia Specialties, Inc.

Magnesia recovery from seawater.

Magnesium price in constant dollars.

Magnesium—manganese phase diagram .

Magnesium—zinc phase diagram .

Magnetherm reactor

Magnetic arc control to increase the contact area of the arcing contacts in a VCB

Magnetic characteristics of a reactor

Magnetic cooling

Magnetic dmm for dry feed principle of operation.

Magnetic field in a magnetic material

Magnetic filter.

Magnetic flux waveform

Magnetic flux-lines representation in a highly permeable iron alloy core saturated with an auxiliary magnetic field.

Magnetic flux-lines representation in a highly permeable iron alloy core.

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