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Longitudinal temperature profile and conversion in a reactor for the hydrogenation of nitrobenzene

Loss of coating thickness of galvanised specimens after five years in various soils

Loss of Isopentane from Foaming-in-Place Chlorostyrene Beads in Open Storage, wt

Losses from exposure for 7 461 h in steam at 2-62 MN m and 593 C

Lost-Work Analysis for a Fired Heater

Low Absolute Pressure Equivalents

Low Ceiling Diuretics

Low Dose Monophasic Estrogen—Progestogen Combination Oral Contraceptives Marketed in the United States

Low Dose Multiphasic Estrogen—Progestogen Combination Oral Contraceptives Marketed in the United States

Low Heating Values of Biomass and Fossil Materials

Low Melting Cadmium Alloys

Low Melting Metallocene Versus Conventional Propylene-Ethylene Copolymer

Low-cost general purpose High-grade mechanical High-grade electrical

Low-Toxicity Generic Drilling Fiuids

Lower Explosive Limits of Hydrazine in Other Gases

Lower Explosive Limits Range for Coating Powders

Lowest ionization energies of some noble gases

LT cables

Lube-Base Stocks

Lubricant recommended by temperature

Lubricant-Antistat Combinations in EVA Films

Lubrication of industrial enclosed gear drives. AGMA Lubricant Number recommendations for helical, herringbone, straight bevel, spiral bevel and spur

Luciferases and Photoproteins

Machinability Ratings for Cast Copper Alloys

Machinability Ratings for Wrought Copper Alloys

Machine learning methods.

Machinery lateral vibrations 1x operating frequency

Machinery lateral vibrations 2x operating frequency

Machinery lateral vibrations frequencies 2x rpm

MacrocycHc Ketones of Tonquin Musk

Macrocycles containing one or more sulfur atoms

Macrocycles containing phosphorus or arsenic

Macrocyclic acetals and thioacetals

Macrocyclic butanoate and butenoate esters

Macrocyclic diglycolate esters

Macrocyclic esters of furan-2,5-dicarboxylic acid

Macrocyclic isophthalate esters

Macrocyclic malonate esters

Macrocyclic oligomers

Macrocyclic oxalate esters

Macrocyclic phthalate esters

Macrocyclic terephthalate esters

Macrocyclic thiodiglycolate esters

Macrolides Having a 12-Membered Ring

Macromolecular Ionization Methods in Mass Spectrometry

Magnesium Hydroxide Shipments

Magnesium Producers and Capacity

Magnetic and spectroscopic properties of Ln ions in hydrated salts

Magnetic Fundamentals of Rare-Earth Transition-Metal Thin Films

Magnetic Induction Required to Extract Discrete Minerals

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