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Kaolin Grades for Polymer Applications

Kaolin Grades for the Paper Industry

Kappa Numbers for Typical Pulps

Kenics mixer specification

Key parameters of several U.K. Magnox reactors

Key Properties of Select Hydrogel Lens

Key words for use in HAZOP studies

Kga For Various Systems

Kinematic Viscosity of PVP K-30 in Organic Solvents

Kinematic-Viscosity Conversion Formulas. 1-18

Kinetic coefficient of friction of nylon 66

Kinetic Data and P Values for Some Solution Reactions

Kinetic data for wild-type and mutant trypsins

Kinetic Data on the Menschutkin Reaction of Triethylamine and Ethyl Iodide at 25 C

Kinetic Isotope Effects in Some Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions

Kinetic Nitration Studies on Pyrazoles and Aromatic Pyrazolones Reagent

Kinetic Parameters of PS and Toluene as a Model Compound

Kinetically Equivalent Intramolecular Catalysis Mechanisms

Kinetics of Acetylation of Isopropyl Alcohol by Acetic Anhydride Catalyzed

Kinetics of Acid-Catalyzed Esterification of Aliphatic Acids

Kinetics of Decomposition of 2,2 -Azobis- at 67 C

Klason Lignin Contents of Lignified Materials

Koch Packing Factors

Ksi-values of Technical Fine Dusts—High Ignition Energy

L Atomic Weights 534

l Electronegativity values of some common elements

l gives the character table for the 2 point group as it is usually used m spectroscopy. Because each synnnetry operation leaves the molecular framework and hence the potential energy unchanged, it should not change the electron density or nuclear position density

l Normalized radial functions , for hydrogen-like atoms

l Properties of Important Plastics and Elastomers

L4 Radii of the Common Atoms of Biomolecules

Labor ratios were corrected for the different local rates and hours per working week, job duration, and degree of mechanization available in other countries. Some of these factors are difficult to estimate, and the final total ratios give a reasonable order-of-magnitiide value for relative construction costs for equivalent plants in the countries indicated.

Laboratory Models for Industrial Reactors

Laboratory Unit, Pilot-Plant, and Commercial Scale-Up Ratios

Laminate Stiffnesses as a Function of Lamina Properties After Tsai and Pagano

Laminate Stiffnesses as a Function of Lamina Properties After Tsai and Pagano

Land and Water Areas of United States

Land Application Pollutant Limits.

Land Area Needed for Various Food Products

Langmuir Constants for the Absorption of Alkaline-Earth Cations on Manganese Dioxide

Langmuir s constants of a and W and the stmctural parameter R assigned for monosaccharides

Lanthanide and Yttrium Distribution in Mineral Sources, wt ,

Lanthanide Production, t

Lap shear requirements for an elevated temperature adhesive

Lap shear strengths for EB-cured acrylic adhesives on graphite composites

Lap shear strengths of selected EB-cured epoxy adhesives at various temperatures

Large Volume Consumers of Acetone for Derivatives in the United States

Largest Coal-Producing States in 1990, EJ

Laser isotope separation .

Latent Heat of Vaporization

Latent heat per unit liquid volume of useful refrigerants

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