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is an example of the use of first and second headings. The first level are the global considerations although not as global as

IS gives total bonding energies in kilocalories per mole for some simple molecules. The B3iyP results are comparable in accuracy to G1 and G2 results. Another comparison was done with a series of cyclic hydrocarbons as the test case. The calculations were done using an isodesmic reaction scheme. The results are given in

Ising model exponents.

ISO Classification of Cemented Carbide Tools According to Use

ISO DIS 9453 Specification for Tin—Lead and Other Lead—Alloy Solders

ISO DIS 9453 Specification for Tin—Silver Solders

ISO Specifications for Natural Rubber Latex Concentrates

ISO Viscosity Classification

ISO viscosity grade chart

Iso-Dielectric Activation Energy Ed for the Hydrolysis of Ethyl Formate in Acetone-Water Systems

Isocyanate Product Capacities, 10 t

Isoelectric Points of Some Solids in Aqueous Media

Isoflavone levels in infants fed various forms of milk or milk substitute

Isolated Organic Tellurium Compounds

Isomer Distribution and Reactivity Ratio for Selected Reactions

Isomer Distribution, wt , of Dodecylbenzene from 1-Dodecene and Benzene

Isomer Distributions in the Monoalkylations of Toluene,

Isomer Proportions in the Nitration of Some Substituted Benzenes

Isomer Ratio of Mononitrotoluenes with Different Catalysts

Isomeric Ascorbic Acids

Isoprene Specification for the Preparation of High c s-Polyisoprene

Isopropyl Alcohol Capacities

Isoquinoline-Derived Drugs Marketed in the United States

Isothermal Dma Results

Isothermal Flash Calculations for Mixtures Containing Condensable and Noncondensable Components

Isotopes of Silicon

Isotopes of Stable Tungsten

Isotopes of the transactinide elements

Isotopes Used for Internal Therapy

Isotopic Abundances and Masses of Selected Elements 7.124

Isotopic Composition of Plutonium from Thermal Power Reactors —

Isotropic and Anisotropic Silicon Properties

Isoxazoles from Nitrile iV-Oxides and Alkynes

Isoxazoles from Nitrile iV-Oxides and Doubly Activated Methylene Compounds

Isoxazoles from Nitrile N-Oxides and C C Dipolarophiles

It Comparison of internal and external scaling of superheater tubes after 6 950h in steam at 13 -8 MN m and 500-670 C

ITI-100 2,4-Diarylthiazoles with substituents on the aryl groups Table III-lOl 2,5-Diarylthiazoles with substituents on the aryl groups

Ivermectin and Diethylcarbamazine Against Onchocerca volvulus Infections

J values for compound I

J-I Illustrative Ci represent the probability oj

Japanese Polymer-Coated Fertilizer Technologies

Jch coupling constants and relative configuration The coupling path is shown in bold

Jet Nozzles Sizes

Jet Velocity

Jhh coupling constants and relative configuration The coupling path is shown in bold

Joining Characteristics of Cast Copper Alloys

Jump conditions in Eulerian coordinates.

Jury s array

K Factor Table

K values for NTA and Calcium Salts

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