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Drug Activity at Ion Channels

Drugs Active at Ion Channels

Drugs Exhibiting Both Opioid Agonist and Antagonist Activities

Drugs Showing Thymomimetic Actions

Drumming Equipment

Drumming Equipment

Drumming Equipment

Drumming Equipment

Drumming Equipment

Drumming Equipment

Dry Mass Composition of Milk-Substitute Formulation,

Dry Particle Screen Sizes

Dry-Etch Gases for Compound Semiconductors

Dry-Gas Flow Transmission Factors

Drying Agents

Drying Oil Specifications

DSC Analysis of Diagnostic Enzymes

DSC Results of Modifiers and Their Blends with PVC

Dunning s contraction scheme for Huzinaga s

Duplex Grades of Stainless Steel

Duplex Mud Pump, Model E-700, National Supply Company, Example 4

DuPont Refrigerants

Duration for dielectric test at reduced test voltages

Dust explosion characteristics of combustible solids

Dust Loadings and Cyclone Inlet Velocities above Which Erosion Is Excessive

Duty cycles lor a contactor or a switch

Dye Intermediates Obtained by Nitration

Dyes and Semiconductors, Patent Citations

Dyes Approved by the FDA for Use in Contact Lenses

Dyes Containing Pyridone

Dye—Substrate Reactions

Dynamic reactor models for A R

Dynamic Viscosity of Liquids at Atmospheric Pressure

E for some manganese, technetium and rhenium couples in acid solution at 25 C

Early history of the halogens and their compounds

Early solid state synthesis studies.

EB curing and shrinkage properties for selected EB-cured acrylic adhesives

EB processing and rheological properties of EB-cured epoxy adhesives

Economic and Operation Characteristics of Plant

Economic Aspects of Quaternaries

Economic Aspects of Xanthene Dyes

Economic Benefits of Recycling

Economic Calculation Example

Economic Comparison of Various Generation Technologies

Economic Factors Influencing Fuel Selection

Economic Importance of Therapeutic Enzymes.

Edible Soybean Protein Production, 1993-1994

Effect af Bayes Conjugation on a Gamma prior

Effect of 1,3-Diketones or Triketone on AAM Polymerization Initiated by Ce Ion

Effect of 90

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