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Crystalline melting points of aliphatic polyurethanes

Crystallinity data for homopolymer acetal resins

Crystallinity data for poly

Crystallites Orientation Function of Differently Drawn PET Fibers

Cumulative Formation Constants for Metal Complexes with

Cumulative Formation Constants for Metal Complexes with Organic

Cure Agents for Silicone Rubber

Cure Behavior and Properties of Modified Blends

Cure Characteristics and Properties of Unmodified Blends

Cure Systems for Fluorocarbon Elastomers

Cured Bulk Properties of Common 2-Cyanoacrylic Esters

Current and Future Developments in Thin Film Electronic Ceramics

Current Density Optimization of a 10,000 t yr Organic Product

Current density to maintain passivity and film resistance of some metals and alloys in 67 wt sulphuric acid

Current density used in ship hull cathodic protection design

Current rating and technical data for 1100 V, single-core flexible, PVC insulated copper conductor cables for control and power wiring

Current ratings for rectangular aluminium sections, grade E91-E

Current ratings for rectangular aluminium sections, Grade EIE-M

Current ratings for single rectangular copper sections

Curve Equations and Linear Reduction Methods

Cyanide Copper-Plating Solutions

Cyanogen halides

Cyanohydrin Nomenclature

Cycles to Failure

Cycloadditions of Fluorinated Olefins

Cyclohexane Producers 1993

Cyclopropanation of cyclohexenone ketals 69-74

Cyclopropanation of the chiral enol ether 89 under Simmons-Smith conditions

Cyclopropanation of the chiral enol ethers 92-95 under Furukawa conditions

Cytokine and Cytokine-Related Therapeutic Approaches to Disease

D t Ranges for Collapse Pressures

D-1 Common Core Materials Used within the Industry

D-2 Recommended Flux Density Limits vs. Frequency

D-3 Core Styles and Their Merits

Daily Solar Radiation in the United States

Dangerous goods forbidden in aircraft under any circumstances

Data and application range of important reference electrodes

Data CNC tables

Data for Alkylation Deisobutanizer Example 8-4 Using Winn s Method

Data for Coolers of Figure 10-131

Data for Determining Utilities Required for Absorption Plants

Data for diffusion coefficients in pure metals

Data for Lean Streams In Benzene Removal Example

Data for Nyquist diagram for system in Figure 6.20

Data for the Analysis of the Gel Permeation Chromatogram of a Poly disperse Polymer Used in Example 9.7

Data for the construction of thermodynamic phase stability diagram M-S-0 at 1 000 K

Data for the MS,is

Data for Weighted Linear Least-Squares Arrhenius Analysis

Data Image Intensifier

Data of Process Lean Streams for the Benzene Removal Example

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