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Worldwide Annual Production and Suppliers for Amorphous Silicas

Worldwide Aromatic Isocyanate Capacities, 10 t

Worldwide Capacity for ABS Plastic in 1989, 10 t

Worldwide Capacity for Cg Aromatic Isomers in 1995, 10 t

Worldwide Chlorophenol Production in 1989, t yr

Worldwide Consumption of Mineral Commodities

Worldwide Consumption of Organic Pigments by Industrial Sectors

Worldwide Consumption of Propylene in 1992,10 t

Worldwide Demand and Prices for Alkylphenols

Worldwide Distribution of Crude Phthalocyanine Capacity

Worldwide EHD Plant Capacities

Worldwide EPM and EPDM Consumption as Percentage of Total Rubber Consumption

Worldwide Estimates of CFG Use by Industry, 1991 vs 1986

Worldwide Fiber Production by Region, 1990, 10 t

Worldwide Fiber Production by Region, 1994, 10 t

Worldwide Hydrocarbon Resin Demand, 10 t

Worldwide Hydrofluoric Acid Capacity

Worldwide Long-Term New Rubber Consumption by Area and Type, 10 t

Worldwide Long-Term New Rubber Consumption by Elastomer Type, 10 t

Worldwide Nitrile Rubber Production History

Worldwide Nuclear Power Units by Reactor Type

Worldwide Oil Consumption Trends. 10 t d

Worldwide Prescription Drug Sales, x 10

Worldwide Producers of Sensitized Materials

Worldwide Production and Consumption Statistics for Beet and Cane Sugar

Worldwide Production and United States Economic Data for Magnesium Oxide

Worldwide Production Capacities for LLDPE in 1994

Worldwide Production of Coated Fabrics

Worldwide Production of HDPE in 1994 by Country and Company

Worldwide Production of Important Chlorofluorocarbons, 10 t

Worldwide Production of Man-Made Leather

Worldwide Produeers of Vinyl Aeetate

Worldwide Propylene Capacity and Production in 1992

Worldwide Reserves and Production of Lignite

Worldwide Sales of Cardiovascular Agents

Worldwide Styrene Capacity, 1995

Worldwide Styrene Supply and Demand, 1995

Worldwide Supply and Demand for MethylceUuloses, lO t

Worldwide Synthetic Ethanol Capacity in 1991

Worldwide Synthetic Fiber Production by Fiber, 10 t

Worldwide Synthetic Fiber Production by Fiber, 10 t

Worldwide Synthetie Fiber Capaeity and Produetion, 1991-2001,10 t

Worldwide Tartaric Acid Market Segments

Wyoming Soda Ash Producers

X-ray and electron beam characteristics of a typical S-band electron accelerator 401

X-Ray Crystal Data of L-Ascorbic Acid

X-Ray diffraction results and degree of graphitization of various carbon fibers.

X-Ray Diffractions in Texture Diffractograms of PET Fibers

X-Ray Emission Energies in keV

X-Ray Processing Equipment

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