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Viscosity Expressions

Viscosity of Common Gases at 25 C

Viscosity of Deodorized Oils and Fats at Different Temperatures

Viscosity of Gases at 1 Atm

Viscosity of Silicone Oil vs Petroleum Oil

Viscosity, Dielectric Constant, Dipole Moment, and Surface Tension

Vitamin Content of Milk from Various Mammals, mg L

Vitamin Content of Various Samples of Cocoa Beans and Chocolate Products, Whole Weight Basis, mg 100 g

Vitamin D Substances

Vitamin E Content of Common Oils, mg 100

Vitamin Functions, Clinical Deficiency Symptoms, and Potential Health Benefits

Vitamin Names and Structures

Vitamin Production Processes

Vitamin Stability

Vitamins and Coenzymes

Vitrinite Reflectance Limits, Taken in Oil, and ASTM Coal Rank Classes

VOC Amounts by Source

Volatile Components of Two Brands of Olibanum

Volatiles Composition of Orris Absolute

Volume and Value of Roundwood Timber Products Harvested in the United States by Region, 1986 and 1991

Volume of CFSTR and plug flow reactors with respect to conversion level for a first order reaction

Volume, Value, and Growth of U.S. Sulfonated and Sulfated Surfactant Products by Class

VP Copolymerization Parameters

VSEPR and Molecular Geometry

VSEPR and Molecular Geometry

Vulcanizate Properties of Polyether Elastomers

Vulcanizates, phr

Vulcanization Characteristics and Properties of NBR-PVC Blends

Vulcanization Rate Constant

Vulcanizing Agents

W-Alkylation of indoles

Wall Resistance Factors— Cast Iron Cooling Sections

Warm-Season Grass Species for U.S. Methane Plantations

Warm-up load in kg of steam per 30 m of steam main

Washing Equipment and Procedures, Worldwide

Waste Minimization Approaches and Techniques

Waste minimization in the hierarchy of waste management practices

Wastewater Treatment Methods.

Wastewater Treatments

Water contaminants that can be reduced to acceptable standards by activated carbon filtration. Source

Water Diuretics

Water Exchange Rates and Activation Parameters of Hexaaqua Complexes at 25 C,

Water Quality

Water Repellency of Cardanol-Grafted Cellulose in Comparison to Other Copolymers

Water Requirement of Cementing Materials

Water sensitivity of some common plastics

Water Solubilities of Monomers Common to Latex Production

Water Solubility of PO Polyols

Water Treatment Schemes

Water tube boilers - examples of low-pressure boiler water standards

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