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Useful Electrical Formulas

Useful Ranges op Solvents for Infrared Measurements

Uses and Critical Properties of Cellulose Acetate

Uses for Ground Talc in 1995

Uses for Maleic Anhydride in the United States, 1992

Uses for Unsaturated Polyester in the United States, 1992

Uses of 1,2-Dichloroethane, 10

Uses of Asbestos

Uses of Cobalt Compounds

Uses of Copper Compounds

Uses of Detergent Range Alcohols

Uses of different regions of the mobile phase diagram

Uses of Manganese Compounds

Uses of Manganese Dioxides

Uses of Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, 1988

Uses of Methylene Chloride

Uses of Oxalic Acid by Region

Uses of Plasticizer Range Alcohols

Uses of Propylene Glycols in the United States, 1992

Uses of Selected Quinones

Uses of Some Specific Esters

Uses of Succinic Acid and Succinic Anhydride

Uses of Vegetable Fibers

USP Specifications for Collagen Sutures

USP Specifications for Synthetic Absorbable Sutures

USP Specifications for USP Class I Nonabsorbable Surgical Sutures

Usual Allowable Velocities for Duct and Piping Systems

Utility Costs

Utility Feedwater Specifications for Normal Operation

Utilization of Ethylene, Propylene, and Butylene for Produetion of Chemieals, 10 t

UV Absorption Bands of the Simple Monocyclic Azines

UV Absorption Maxima for Benzazoles

UV Spectra of Benzo Heterocycles

UV Spectra of Benzo Heterocycles

UV Spectra of Dibenzo Heterocycles

UV Spectra of Monosubstituted Heterocycles

UV Spectral Maxima for Pyrazoles in Ethanol

UV wavelengths for selected gases

UV-Embrittlement Times

Vacuum Applications

Vacuum Pump Capacities From Steam Surface Condensers

Value Added by Manufacture for Timber-Related Two-Digit SIC Industries by Region, 1991

Value and Unit Priee of U.S. Vegetable Fibers Imported

Value of K for Fluid Flow Perpendicular to a Bank of Staggered Tube N Rows Deep

Value of Primary and Secondary Timber Products and Gross Domestic Product in the United States, 1991

Value of Shipments Produced by Adhesives Suppliers in 1987

Value of U.S. Antimicrobial Industrial Agent Markets

Value vs Relative Viscosity at 1 Concentration

Values Designating Severity of Quench for Commonly Used Cooling Conditions

Values for AH and AS for the Ring-Opening Polymerization, Reaction , for Monomers with the Indicated Values of 1

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