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Typicol Bore-Tube Overall Heat-Transfer Coefficients, U for Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Btu hr-ft - F

U-Values for Holding Methods of Batch Pasteurization

UJ-3 IPE Submittals

UK biological monitoring guidance values

UK exposure limits

UK health surveillance requirements

UL Index of Various Glass-Filled Engineering Materials

Ultem Polyetherimide Properties

Ultimate yields from steam cracking various feedstocks

Ultrafiltration Applications

Ultrasound Properties of Human Tissues

Ultratrace Analyses Methods

Ultraviolet Absorption Maxima for Polyenes

Ultraviolet Absorption of Polysilanes in Solution

Ultraviolet Cutoffs of Spectrograde Solvents

Ulustrates yield strength—bend formabUity trade-offs between a mill hardened temper after forming to produce a TH02 temper product. Parts that require the same formabUity can be made using both the roUed temper and mill hardened material, but it is possible to achieve higher strength by aging after forming. However, aging after forming can introduce dimensional changes that accompany the hardening reaction. Moreover, the parts must be chemically cleaned with aggressive reagents to remove beryUium oxide formed during the thermal treatment. For these reasons, mill hardened strip represents the majority of the beryUium copper that is used.

Umiting Amino Acids of Some Common Feedstuffs for Pig and Chicken.

Unconventional and By-Product Resources, t x 10

Underwriters Laboratories Classification of Comparative Hazard to Life of Gases and Vapors

Undissociated Benzoic Acid vs pH

UNIFAC Functional Groups

Uniform Freight Classification 6000-K

Uniis Associated with Thermal Insulation

Unit Cost Details for Design Case Study. Note

Unit Operations for Removal of Various Contaminants from Recovered Paper

Unit Processes in Dyes Manufacture

Unit ramp response of a first-order system

Unit Sales Values for ABS Resins

Unit step response of a first-order system

Unit Values and Relative Production Quantities for Selected Approved Biopharmaceuticals, 1990—199T

United States 1989 Top 10 Chemicals Production

United States Acetaldehyde Producers, 1989

United States and Canada Polyols Product Market Share

United States and Canadian Maltsters

United States Barium Carbonate Supply and Demand, t

United States Cadmium Statistics

United States Capacities for Terephthalic Acid Dimethyl Terephthalate, 10 t

United States Consumption of Ethylene Glycol-Based Automotive Antifreeze

United States Consumption Pattern for Ethylene Oxide

United States Crude Gypsum, 10 t

United States Customary System of Weights

United States Exports of Spices

United States Fluorspar Production and Consumption, t

United States Hypochlorite Production

United States Import of Oleoresins

United States Liquor Consumption by Type,

United States Lubricant Consumption

United States Portland Cement Industry Energy Consumption,

United States Portland Cement Production

United States Portland Cement Shipments by Type , 1990

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