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Built-Up Mica Sold or Used in the United States by Product

Bulk Density of Sugars

Bulk glass forming alloy systems and the produetion methods, d is the smallest sample dimension.

Bulk Graphite Properties

Bulk Phase Handling Properties of Adipic Acid

Bulk Prices of Pharmaceutical-Grade a-Tocopheryl Acetate, kg

Bulk Prices of U.S. Potash, t K20

Bulk Properties of Tar Sands

Business Industry Databases

Butadiene Specifications and Test Methods

Butanediol Manufacturers

Buttress Thread Casing Coupling Dimensions, Weights, and Tolerances

Buttress Thread Casing Dimensions and Weights

Butyl and Halobutyl Producers

Butylene Availability in 1985, t yr

Butylene Consumption, of Supply

BWR Normal Water Chemistry Values

C Chemical Shifts of Monosubstituted Pyridines

C Chemical Shifts of the Simple Monocyclic Azines

C Chemical Shifts S, p.p.m. from TMS in Saturated Six-membered Rings

C NMR Chemical Shifts for Azoles Containing Sulfur

C NMR Chemical Shifts for Azolines

C NMR Chemical Shifts for Indazoles

C NMR Chemical Shifts for Nitrogenous Azoles

C NMR Chemical Shifts for Nitrogenous Azoles

C NMR Chemical Shifts for Non-aromatic Azoles with Two Ring Double Bonds

C NMR Spectral Data for Monoheterocycles

C values of the vaiious components of a natural cw-3-hexen-l-ol fraction

C-Chemical Shifts for Triazolopyridines 1, 2, and 3

C-Nmr Chemical Shifts for Pyrazoles

C-Nucleoside Antibiotics

CAA process for titanium

CAB-Based Clear Topcoat Formulation for Wood Furniture

CAB—Polyester Automotive Refinishing Lacquer

Cadmium-Plating Solutions

Calcium Chloride Production and Capacity

Calcium Chloride Specifications

Calcium Hypochlorite Producers and Capacities as of 1989

Calcium Phosphates in the Ca0-P20 -H20 System

Calcium Silicate Hydrates Formed at Elevated Temperatures

Calcium-Containing Minerals

Calculated and Experimental Detonation Pressures and Rates of Explosives

Calculated and Experimental Liquid-Liquid Equilibria for a Quarternary System at 25 C 2,2,4-trimethylpentane

Calculated and experimental values for the equilibrium volumes, bulk moduli and enthalpies of formation.

Calculated Crystal Densities and Releasable Energy Density for HEDCs and In-Service Explosives

Calculated Dipole Moments of Pyrazoles and Indazoles

Calculated Electron Densities of Pyrazole, its Anion and its Cation

Calculated energy gap due to an in-plane Kekul distortion for CNTs having chiral vector L a . The critical magnetic flux p. and the corresponding magnetic field are also shown. The coupling constant is A, 1.62.

Calculated Heats of Reaction at 298 K for Selected Gasification Reactions

Calculated Hydrogen Deuterium Primary Kinetic Isotope Effects

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