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Absolute Molecular Weights and Molecular Weight Distributions of Gantrez AN

Absolute Pressure Conversion Table Millimeters to Inches Mercury

Absolute Rates of Addition Reactions of Methyl, Cyanomethyl, and Hydrosymethyl Radicals toward Substituted Aikenes, CHi CHX

Absolute Rates of Some Free-Radical Reactions

Absorption Frequencies in the Near Infrared

Absorption Frequencies of Aromatic Bands

Absorption Frequencies of Carbonyl Bands

Absorption Frequencies of Cumulated Double Bonds

Absorption Frequencies of Miscellaneous Bands

Absorption Frequencies of Other Double Bonds

Absorption Frequencies of Single Bonds to Hydrogen

Absorption Frequencies of Triple Bonds

Absorption Maxima of Quinoxaline in Cyclohexane

Absorption of liquids by polyethylenes of density 0.92 and 0.96 g cm at 20 C after 30 days immersion

Absorption of Vinylogous Dyes

Absorption Peaks of Gel-Silica Monolith Pore Water and Surface Hydroxyl Groups

Absorption Wavelength of Dienes

Absorption Wavelength of Enones and Dienones

Absorption-Stripping Approximate Tray Efficiencies

Absorptivity Values, D, of Lignin at 280 nm

Abundance of elements weight percent

Abundance of Metals in the Earth s Crust

Abundances of elements in crustal rocks

Accelerated Sulfiir Vulcanization

Accelerometer Output for 30 of Hole Deviation Angle and Various Tool-Face Angles

Accessing a material safety data sheet

Accidental fires in 1997

Accounting of the work in the liquefaction process—effectiveness of various functions

Accumulation Expressed as Percentage of Set Pressure

Accumulator selection table

Acetic Acid Vapor Pressure

Acetic Acid—Water Freezing Points

Acetone Capacities in Western Europe, 10 t, 1989

Acetylene Process Technology

Acetylsalicylic Acid Comparison

ACGIH Threshold IJmit Values

Acid Base Reactions Encountered Most Frequently by Oil Industry Caustic Treaters

Acid Catalysis in 0.1 M Acetic Acid-0.1 M Sodium Acetate Buffer

Acid concentration and temperatures used for the sulfation of various olefins

Acid Content of Various Crudes

Acid Copper-Plating Baths

Acid Dissociation Constants of Aminophenols

Acid Dyes

Acid Gas Treating Processes

Acid pKa a,p Ar conversion

Acid stabilizers for alkyl cyanoacrylate monomers

Acid Strengths in Water at 25 C

Acidities of Simple Alcohols in Solution

Acidities of Some Cyano Compounds

Acidities of Some Hydrocarbons

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