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Quantitative analysis of reaction schemes.

Quantities of Pesticides Most Commonly Used in U.S. Agricultural Crop Production in 1995

Quantity limits of dangerous goods accepted in small amounts for transport by air

Quaternary Ammonium Industrial Antimicrobial Agents

Quinoline-Derived Drugs Marketed in the United States

Quinolones in Development

Quinone Nomenclature

R pm MP2 Energy h

R4 Results for Example 8-22 for Multicomponent Distillation

Radiation levels for a road consignment of radioactive material under exclusive use

Radiation Tolerance Limits of Several Oil Types

Radioactive Nuclei

Radioactive Nuclei Used in Radiopharmaceuticals

Radioactive Properties of Tritium

Radioactive Properties of Tritium

Radiographic Procedures and Corresponding Radiopaques

Radioisotopes of Sodium

Radionuclides Useful for Determining the Age of Materials

Radioprotective Thiols and Phosphorothioates


Raman Frequencies of Aromatic Compounds

Raman Frequencies of Carbonyl Bands

Raman Frequencies of Cumulated Double Bonds

Raman Frequencies of Ethers

Raman Frequencies of Halogen Compounds 7.86

Raman Frequencies of Miscellaneous Compounds 7,87

Raman Frequencies of Other Double Bonds

Raman Frequencies of Single Bonds to Hydrogen and Carbon

Raman Frequencies of Sulfur Compounds

Raman Frequencies of Triple Bonds

Randomly censored simulated Weibull data

Range of capture velocities

Range of Composition for Primary Components of Thuja Oil

Range of Prices for Various Polyamides and Their Primary Product Types

Range of values of physical properties of injection mouldings obtained by alteration of moulding conditions

Range ot soil resistivity

Ranges of NMR Data for Three-membered Heterocyclic Systems with Exocyclic Unsaturation

Ranges of NMR Data of Three-membered Heterocyclic Systems

Ranges of Physical Properties of Typical Carbon Electrode Grades

Ranges of Reaction System Variables in the Direct Oxidation Process for Ethylene Oxide

Rank and Heating Value in Volatile Matter

Ranking of Principal Agrochemical Companies by Sales in 1993

Rapid coagulation half-life time for particles in water at 7 300 K .

Rare Earths and Other Elements in the Earth s Crust

Rare-Earth Oxide Distribution in Mineral and Clay Sources, wt

Rat Acute Oral Values of Ethylene Glycols

Rat Oral LD-. Values of Surfactant

Rate Coefficients, Efficiency q, and Steric Substituent Constant

Rate Constants and Activation Energies for Some Initiator Decomposition Reactions

Rate Constants and Activation Parameters of Diaziridine Hydrolysis

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