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Protection potential regions for plain carbon and low-alloy steels for marine structures

Protection potentials of metals in seawater

Protective characteristics of a gapless station class surge arrester for, Single impulse energy capability 7 k.J k.V,

Protective characteristics of gapless station class surge arresters for a nominal discharge current of 10 kA

Protein Complexes of the Mitochondrial Electron-Transport Cham

Protein Quality and Digestibility of Nonphotosynthetic Microorganisms

Proteins in Egg White

Proton affinities of selected compounds, from AMI calculations

Proton Chemical Shifts 7.92

Proton Chemical Shifts of Reference Compounds 7.98

Proton Dissociation Constants for Nucleotides

Proton Nmr Chemical Shifts of Methylene Groups in Phenolic Resins

Proton Spin Coupling Constants 7.97

Proton Transfer Reactions of Inorganic Materials in Water at 25 C 8.18

Proton-Proton Coupling Constants in Benzotriazoles

Provisional AFNOR Specifications for Lavender and Lavandin Oils

Provitamin A Activity of Selected Carotenoids

Publicly Announced Chlor—Alkali Expansions

Pulpwood Species by Main U.S. Pulp-Producing Regions

Pulse-echo results

Pump Materials of Construction

Pump Materials of Construction

Pump Output vs. Annular Velocity

Pump Selection Guide

Pump Types Listed by Specific Speed

Purchased Scrap Categories and Treatment Methods

Purchasing Guidelines for Adsorbers

Purification of Zinc Liquor

Purine At-Nueleoside Antibioties 3 2

Purities of Commercial Neon, Krypton,, and Xenon

Purity of Dead-Burned Magnesia from Various Processes


PVC Physical Parameters

PWM Control Methods

PWR Primary System Specifications

PWR Steam Generator Water Speeifieations b

Pyrazole and Indazole Derivatives Described in Organic Syntheses

Pyrazole- fo

Pyrazoline Fluorescent Whiteners

Pyrimidine Fatty Aeyl N-Nueleoside

Pyrolysis Heater Characteristics

Pyrophoric chemicals in common use

Pyrophosphate Biogenic Precursors

Pyrrolopyrimidine, Diazepin, and Other A Nucleoside Antibiotics, Sugar-I -X

Q Heat Loss from Bare NFS Pipe, Btu

Q values for nuclear reactions light isotopes. induced by protons and

Qg and at effluent temperature

Quality Criteria for White Sugar, According to EC Sugar Market Regulations

Quality Specifications

Quality Specifications for the Butanals

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