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Number of Today s Worlds of Additional Energy Needed in 2100

Number of topologically distinct connected graphs , number of cyclic equivalence classes Q, maximal numbers of possible cycle sets Cot and Ct for OT and T rules, respectively, and the maximal number of possible distinct topologies of the state transition graph, calculated for graphs with size fV 5,6,..., 12 in T 2.

Number of vibrations of each species for degenerate point groups

Number of vibrations of each species for non-degenerate point groups

Number Sign Parameters

Numbers of possible rules of various types for fc 2 two-dimensional CA with specified neighborhood structures.

Numerical Values for the Bracketed Term in Eq.

NUREG 1150 Nuclear Plant Reliability data

Nutrient Requirements of Broiler Chickens at Specific Ages, Weeks

Nutrient Requirements of Growing Swine Allowed Feed Ad Libitum

Nutrient Requirements of Growing Turkeys at Specific Ages. Weeks

Nutrients for Biological Treatment

Nutritional Composition of Eggs

Nutritional Content of Cow Milk

Nutritive Sweeteners Used in the Preparation of Carbonated Beverages

Nutritive Value of Leaf Protein Concentrates and Other Protein Products

Nutter Ring Hydraulic Coefficients

OB Full Circle Tube Layouts Floating Head Exchanger O.D. Tubes on 1-in. Square Pitch

Object Mode Perceptions

Objectives for Chemical PSA

Objectives of Centrifugal Compressor Mechanical Tests

Observed and Caleulated pH Values for Borie Aeid

Occupational Standards for Manganese Compounds

Occurrence of the Provitamins D in Selected Plants and Animals, Parts per Thousand of Total Sterol

Occurrence of Uranium in Nature

Octahedral Covalent Radii for CN 6

Octane Numbers of Pure Compounds

Octane Numbers oi Common Gas Additives

Octane Test Operating Conditions

Octanol Water Partition Coefficients of Solvents

Odor Detection Threshold Levels in Water and Mineral Oil, ppm

Odor Detection Thresholds of Organic Compounds

Odor Threshold Levels and Threshold Limit Values


Official U.S. Standards for Grain

Ohmic Contacts for Compound Semiconductors

Oi dor of phase transition and threshold probabilities versus space dimension for rules R, ...Rn, as determined by mean-field theory and numerical calculation .

Oil and Fatty Acid Content of Commercial Nuts

Oil lubrication viscosity ISO identification

Oil Resistance of Ionomer Resin

Oil- and Hydrocarbon-Producing Biomass Species Potentially Suitable for North America

Oils and Processing Aids for Reclaiming Rubber

Olefin Feedstocks and Olefins Production, 1990

Olefin Isomerization

Oleo-Based Carboxylic Acids

Oligocyclic hydrocarbon derivatives.

Oligosaccharide Contents of Defatted Oilseed Meals,

One pass means that chromosomes Ca, and Ca2 exchange bits beyond the bit. The underlined bits in the Mutation Operation column are the only ones that have undergone random mutation. See text for other details.

One-Bond Carbon-Hydrogen Spin Coupling Constants 7.107

One-bond Coupling Constants in the Simple Monocyclic Aromatic Azines cf. 159 Hz for

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