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Mud Pump Performance—Triplex Pumps

Mulliken atomic charges for water as function of quality of LCAO-MO

Mulliken charges in formamide with different methods

Multi-armed aromatic compounds

Multiplying factors to obtain the momentary peak

Municipal Waste to Energy Projects

Mutual Solubility of Sodium and Fused Sodium Halides

Myofibrillar Structural Proteins of Rabbit Skeletal Muscle

N IR Data for Primary Geminal Difluorides

N NMR Chemical Shifts for Nitrogenous Azoles

N NMR Chemical Shifts for Pyrazoles and Indazoles

N NMR Chemical Shifts of some Isothiazoles

N NMR Data of some Isothiazoles

N Parameters Betatron types

N quadmpole coupling constants

N-Reactor design and operating parameters

N-Substituted 2-PyrroHdinones

Nafion 90209 Performance in Chlor-Alkali Production

Name of Alkaloid Formula Structure

Names and Formulas of Organic Radicals 1.51

Names and Properties of Selected Brain Oligopeptides

Names and symbols in current use for elements 104-112

Names of Some Carboxylic Acids 1.30

Names of Straight-Chain Alkanes 1.2

Naphthalene Capacities, 1993

Naphthalene Consumption, 1992

Naphthalene Production and Price History

Naphthalene Solubility Data

Naphthalene Specifications

Naphthalenesulfonates, RCj H SO Na

Naphthol AS and Its Derivatives

Napier Steam Correction Factors, K , for Set Pressures betw een 1500 and 2900 psig

Narcotic Potency and Solubility in Olive Oil of Some Metabolically Inert Gases

Narrow, Intense core levels of some elements commonly

National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Criteria Pollutants

National Ambient Air Quality Standards. .

National Bureau of Standards Reference pH Buffer Solutions 8.105

National Exposure Limits for Benzene

National Formulary And Food Chemicals Codex Specifications

National MHD Programs

Nationwide Air Pollutant Emissions Estimates for the United States in 1989

Natural and Food Ingredients Used in Flavors

Natural and Man-caused Risks

Natural Gas Composition

Natural gas feed

Natural Gas Pipeline Specifications

Natural Gas Prices

Natural Gas Producing Organizations

Natural Gas Reserve Holders

Natural Gas Reserves, Production, Imports, and Exports

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