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Yield strength in relation lo grain size or particle spacing .

Yield strengths in three-point bend tests of highly filled composites of polyfvinyl butyral and silica particles treated with methylsilane and octylsilane coupling agents to varying degrees of surface coverage vs. work of adhesion measured independently using IGC. Redrawn from ref. .

Yield stress as a function of temperature for NiAl, Ni Al, and several commercial superaUoys where 001 is the paraHel-to-tensile axis for single crystals and . See text. To convert MPa to psi, multiply by 145.

Yield stress of the Ti-6Al-4.5V alloy in dependence on hydrogen content st several temperatures. Temperature are 688 .

Yields of various products from FTS.

York-TwisP structured tower packing. Note insert showing weave and sections fabricated to fit through manway for larger towers. Used by permission of Otto H. York Co., Inc., a division of Glitsch, Inc.

Young s modulus corrected for porosity as a function of preferred orientation curve is based on theoretical model where rayon-based fibers Q — PAN-based fibers and A pitch-based fibers . To convert GPa to psi, multiply by 145,000.

Young s modulus for wood depends mainly on the relative density p p,. That along the groin varies os p p, that across the groin varies roughly os like polymer foams.

Young s modulus increase in an aluminum composite with SiC reinforcement volume fraction for different forms of reinforcement

y—x diagram for adiabatic absorption of acetone into water. A, isothermal equihbrium line at equihbrium line for simple model of adiabatic

Z-Forming process dow diagram .

Z-plot of ISS data shown in

Z-plot of polyamide delaminated from Cu metal film. Entire spectra have been

Z3 Adsorption isotherm of n-butane at 273 K on a sample of artificial graphite ball-milled for 192 b. The shoulder F appeared at a relative pressure which was the same for all six samples in the first milling run, all six in the second milling run, and also for two of the milled samples which had been compacted. The milling time varied between 0 and 1024 h, and the BET-nilrogen areas of the surfaces between 9 and 610 m g

Zeeman splitting of the lowest AE octet of the CHj group. Levels of the E state with m 1 2 are twice degenerate.

Zenz plot. Correlation of bed voidage, S, the volume fraction of the fluidized bed that is occupied by gas, for values of S from 1.0 to 0.5, and dimensionless velocity and particle properties, where p — p . The horizontal lines represent the different values of e 0.5

Zenz-Ducon expandable-bed granular filter. From Ref. 256,

Zero order reaotion.

Zero-order causes semm-dmg concentrations

Zeroth-order rates of nitration with acetyl nitrate compared with those for other systems, AcONOa AcaO 3 9i mol l-i o-8 mol 1-i H.

Zeroth-order rates of nitration with acetyl nitrate compared with those for other systems, AcONOa AcaO 3-91 mol l i o-8 mol l i i.

Zeroth-order rates of nitration.

Zeroth-order rates of nitration.

Zig-zag effect on melting points with increasing number of carbon atoms in r,CONH-

Zisman plots of the contact angles of various homologous series on Teflon O, RX , alkylbenzenes

Zonal section of a vertical kiln.

Zone electrophoresis separation where S, F, S, and F are different materials.

Zone of complete separation according to the equilibrium theory.

Zone of defects running along the internal surface.

Zones of cavitation damage segregated to both sides of a vertical opening.

Zoomed picture of the decision tree in the nonaromatic region. A for tBu.

Zr static NMR lineshapes from ZrO polymorphs using frequency-stepped spin echoes.

Zweifel alkene synthesis.

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