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Within a short time, however, this rise reached a maximum and assumed a small slope downward. After ca 200 s, the reading on the BAG was close to the reading achieved before the Orbitron power had been turned off. It remained essentially constant for two months after the initial pump down.

Within the elastic range it is possible to relate uniaxial strain data obtained under shock loading to isotropic loading and shear stress. Such relationships can only be calculated if elastic constants are not changed with the finite amplitude stresses.

Wke-coatiag line

Wlien workers are dressed out in this fashion, the weight of the

Wodd demand for PVC .

Wolfram s behavioral classes cl, c2, c3 and c4 overlayed on top of a plot of Complexity versus Langton s A-parameter see text. Patterned after figures 22 and 23 in .

Wood preparation operation .

Work associated with three types of air compression. Used by permission

Work flow for virtual screening, from data preparation to finding new leads.

Work is needed to cycle rubber elastically.

Work output and exergy losses in CBT ga.s turbine plant .

Work performed to extract xenon from T4 lysozyme L99A in 27 independent simulations of 100 ps each.

Work required to extract xenon from T4 lysozyme L99A. Each value is a moan over several independent simulations.

Working chart for Yaws, et. al short-cut method for multicomponent distillation for estimating component recovery in distillate and bottoms. Used by permission, Yaws, C. L. et al., C iem. Eng., Jan. 29 , p. 101.

Working principle of thrust transmission shown on a single helical precision gear.

Working scheme of Danner rotating mandrel.

World map showing Tropical regions Courtesy

World network of radiosonde stations, Ten stations, one in the Atlanticand nine in the Pacific, are not shown. Each dot presents a station at which an upper-air sounding is made each day at 0000 hr GMT, at 1200 hr GMT, or both. Source

World production

World production of cellulose acetate and triacetate fibers

World production trends in steelmaking raw materials where represents iron ore production

World sugar balance, where represents opening stocks H, production consumption and ending stocks .

World sulfur production by type, where .

World synthetic fiber production, 1900—1990 -

World trends ia types of nitrogenous fertilizers consumed, where represents anhydrous ammonia, ammonium phosphates, cogranulated

World trends in types of phosphate fertilizers consumed, where , basic slag and raw rock.

Worldwide and U.S. PET production, 1960—1990 , U.S.

Worldwide annual consumption of natural gas where U represents 1980 , 1985 and 1990. 1 EJ 10 J. To convert to cal, divide by 4.184.

Worldwide citric acid production in 1990 .

Worldwide plasticizer production .

Worldwide PV business from 1985 through 2000, where , developed countries.

Worm gear

WORM media

Wormlike nanostructures in Ge can be obtained by partial oxidation they

Wort boiling ketde with external heating calandria. The wort is pumped from the bottom of the ketde through the calandria and thence back into the ketde through the so-called fountain. This circulation and heating may be started as soon as enough wort is in the ketde to fill the system. The directed

Wort filtering in a whirlpool .

Wound-rotor systems

Woven wire mesh filter cartridges. By permission, AMF Corp., Cuno Div., Catalog MP-20.1.

Writhe distributions for closed circular DNA as obtained by LI versus explicit integration of the Langevin equations. Data are from .

Written bits in the longitudinal recording mode . Shortest recorded wavelength is 2.

Wrong nuts undone to remove valve actuator.

Wrong nuts undone to remove valve actuator.

Wrought low-carbon mild steel, annealed and impressed by a Brinell ball .

Wu s Load Paths and Crack Orientations

Wu s Load Paths and Crack Orientations

WUhams-Comstock constmetion for defining A.

X -ray diffraction line broadening studies in inorganic powders by Morosin and co-workers show evidence for large plastic deformation with residual strain characteristic of cold-worked metals .

X-9 shows plots of cos 6 versus 7l for various series of liquids on Teflon . Each line extrapolates to zero at a certain 7l value, which Zisman has called the critical surface tension 7 since various series extrapolated to about the same value, he proposed that 7 was a quantity characteristic of a given solid. For Teflon, the representative 7 was taken to be about 18 and was regarded as characteristic of a surface consisting of —CF2 — groups.

X-band TREPR spectra obtained at 0.1 ps after 308 mn photolysis of a fliiorinated peroxide dimer in Freon 113 at room temperature. Part A is the A E RPM spectrum obtained upon direct photolysis part B is the E A RPM spectrum obtained upon triplet sensitization of this reaction using benzophenone.

X-iay diffraction patterns using a Cu anode

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