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UV initiated cationic cure of epoxidized block copolymer in the presence of alcohol .

UV Intensity Variation as a Function of Lamp Age

UV spectra of -and Z-stilbene in hexane at room temperature. From H. Meier Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 31

UV spectra of 5.1c, 5. If and 5.1g in water compared to those in solutions containing

UV trace of piperoxan enantiomers eluting from mini-prep electrophoresis cell.

v and x,y coordinate systems of Grunwald s analysis of the RIP diagram. The u.v coordinates are in parentheses and the jr,y coordinates are in brackets.

V shows a complex reaction in which a single reactant A undergoes independent, concurrent reactions to yield two different products.

V- characteristics of a thyristor without a

V-17 shows the apparatus used by Corner and Try son for measurements of Vobs- While their analysis is much more detailed than the foregoing discussion, they concluded that h2 h -4.73 0.05 V at 25 C.

V-8 illustrates that there can be a pH of zero potential interpreted as the point of zero charge at the shear plane this is called the isoelectric point , where the pzc measured by titration of natural zircon is 5.9 0.1

V-belt drive losses for fans. Used by permission

V-belt geometry .

V-butt weld with perpendicular grain orientation and an inclination of the interface of 15

V-type engine .

Vacancy Chromatograms for the Separation of a Four Component Mixture

Vacancy diffusion.

Vacancy Elution Curves from Different Injection Volumes on a Column of 500 Theoretical Plates

Vacancy loops in aluminum shock loaded to 65 GPa at 100 K.

Vacuum caUbrator for pipe and tubing extmsion

Vacuum contactor Courtesy

Vacuum deposition system having a plasma processing capabiHty, where the dashed lines represent optional additions to a system.

Vacuum evaporation process with use of electron beam heating where A represents the material to be deposited. The flux profile is at a

Vacuum forming process

Vacuum processing chamber configuration

Vacuum-distilled titanium sponge produced by magnesium reduction at Teledyne Wah Chang .

Vacuum-insulated helium piping.

VAD process

Valenee bond stmetural representation of methane resulting from overlap of H li orbitals with four equivalent sp orbitals of earbon.

Valuation of the detection media

Value of Weight Savings in Structures

Value of Weight Savings in Structures

Values in hartees .

Values of actor V

Values of electronegativity of the elements.

Values of equivalent air mass velocity. Reproduced by permission of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Kelly, N. W., and Swenson, L. K., Chemical Engineering Progress, V. 52, No. 7 p. 263 8tll rights reserved.

Values of HETP as a function of throughput for

Values of liquid rate when the system becomes liquid continuous, Lc- Used by permission of Zenz, F. A., Chemical Engineering, Aug. p. 176 all rights reserved.

Values of stress concentration factor, Kt, as a function of radius, r, with 3a limits for a circumferentially notched round bar in tension d A

Values of the acidity of ethynylpyrazoles and the energies of heterocyclic cleavage of C—H bond calculated by the CNDO-2 method .

Values of the back-scattering factor R Eg 1.0 keV,

Values of U for exchange from water bath to natural gas stream in o coil.

Valve A could pass a higher rate than valve B, thus making a spillage inevitable.

Valve control

Valve dismantled in error.

Valve switcliing interfaces in primary column monitor secondary column analyse position.

Valve symbols.

Valve trays have the lowest liquid pressure drop of all three types of trays employed , p. 81 all rights reserved.

Valve-in-piston double-acting compressor cylinder. Couriesy of Dresser-Rand Company.

Van der Waals potential energy-distance curve showing regions of operation of contact, noncontact, and intermittent contact or tapping-mode afm

Van der Wools bonding the atoms are held together by the dipole charge distribution.

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