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RTD embedded in bearing surfaee.

RTD ourves for the tanks-in-series model.

RTD response for a plug flow reaotor.

RTD simuiation E versus 0.

RTD simuiation E versus 0.

RTD simulation E versus 0.

Ru-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation of tiglic acid, followed by product

Rubber grades carbon black spectrum.

Rubber particle straddling craze perpendicular to stress is subjected to triaxial stresses and because of its high bulk modulus becomes load bearing.

Rubber-toughened polymers.

Ruid flow pattern for propeller mounted center with no baffles. Note vortex formation. By permission, LIghtnin , a unit of General Signal.

Rule 3 of thermocouples, where a two-junction thermocouple. A and B, the two legs of the thermocouple, are wires of dissimilar materials. Junctions are at temperatures T, and Ty Ey E,

Runner Layout, Example 5.4

Rupture disk , similar to

Rupture disk indicator alarm strip breaks when rupture disk breaks and alarms to monitor. FM system approved. By permission, Continental Disc Corporation.

Rupture disk installations.

Rupture disk mounted beneath a pressure relieving spring-loaded valve. A reverse buckling disk arrangement is often recommended here. By permission, B.S. B. Safety Systems, Inc.

Rupture disk with burst Indicator. Several other techniques available. By permission, Fike Metal Products Div., Fike Corporation, Inc.

Rupture disk with Teflon or other corrosion-resistant fiim sheet seal, using an open retaining ring. For positive pressure oniy. By permission, Fike Metai Products Div., Fike Corporation, Biue Springs, Mo.

Rupture disks as sole relieving devices. By permission, Fike Metal Products DIv., Flke Corporation.

Rupture disks used in multiple or for additional hazard due to external heat. By permission, Fike Metal Products Div., Fike Corporation.

Russell-Saunders coupling of total orbital and total spin angular momenta, L and S, of sip and a d electron

Rust chip as in

Rust layer on carbon steel mill water supply pipe. Note the partially exfoliated region at the bottom of the photo.

Rust patches surround small pits on a stainless steel shaft. The rust is formed by oxidation of ejected ferrous ion from the tiny pits. Pits were initiated by chloride and sulfate ions concentrated by evaporation.

Rusting surface after marine exposure for 18 months no inspection during the

Rutan Voyager

Rutan Voyager

S A contour plot illustration of the comer cutting tunneling path

S Amino acid sequence of p strands 2 3 4 in human plasma retinol-binding protein. The sequences are listed in such a way that residues which point into the barrel are aligned. These hydrophobic residues are arrowed and colored green. The remaining residues are exposed to the solvent.

s diagram for reheating added lo reversible simple and recuperative cycles.

S Diluents are normally recycled.

S Effect of sulphuric acid concentration on chromate passivation of zinc. Solution

S Element of Fluid Between Parallel Plates

S EPA federal test procedure

S Frequency of occurrence of various stoichiometries among boride phases

s of dE versus E for an AES experiment on graphite. Reproduced by permission of John Wiley and Sons from Ref. .

s on a vented extruder

S Possible conformations of N2H4 with pyramidal N. Hydrazine adopts the gauche C l form with N N 145 pm, H-N- II 108 . and a twist angle of 95 as shown in the lower diagram.

S Schematic diagram illustrating the structure of the complex between TBP and a DNA fragment containing the TATA box. Both the stirmps and the underside of the saddle are in contact with the DNA. Adapted from V. Kim et al., Nature 365

S Schematic diagram of packing side chains In the hydrophobic core of colled-coll structures according to the knobs In holes model. The positions of the side chains along the surface of the cylindrical a helix Is pro-jected onto a plane parallel with the heUcal axis for both a helices of the coiled-coil. from helix 1 surrounded by four side chains from helix 2.

S Schematic diagram of the bacteriorhodopsin molecule illustrating the relation between the proton channel and bound retinal in its tram form. A to E are the seven transmembrane helices. Retinal is covalently bound to a lysine residue. The relative positions of two Asp residues, which are important for proton transfer, are also shown. Adapted from R. Henderson et al.,

S Schematic illustration of the way the 60 protein subunits are arranged around the shell of safellite tobacco necrosis virus. Each subunit is shown as an asymmetric A. The view is along one of the threefold axes, as in

S The sequence with the lowest total vapor flow for Example 5.4.

S The three P strands of each subunit in lambda Cro are aligned in the dimer so that a six-stranded antiparallel p sheet is formed as shown in this topology diagram. The P strands are colored as in

S The V-D-J joining process involved in making a heavy chain in the mouse. In the germ-line DNA the cluster of about 4 J gene segments and about 10 D segments are separated from the C gene segment by a short intron and from the about 1000 V gene segments by long regions of DNA. During B cell development the chosen V gene segment and the intron sequence are transcribed along with the V3, D2, J2, and C segments and then removed by RNA splicing to generate mRNA molecules.

S-13 Demonstration of the Hammond postulate with harmonic potential wells.

S-3 Fault Trees at the Nodes of Event Tr t- to Determine the Probability. RPS is reactor protection .y.ii m SIS is safety injection sy.stem

S-6 Relation between the density of cathodic blisters and potential shot-peened steel sheet without primer top coat

S-N curves for air and corrosion fatigue tests

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