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Quick-disconnect coupling

Quinine knines from primary intermediates couple with secondary intermediates to form viscous colors.

Quinones of polynuclear hydrocarbons

R D expenditure vs capital spending for 12 U.S. chemical companies where is R D expenditure.

R groups having reactive heterocyclic groups attached to through NH.

R-laser-SNMS images of copper around cadmium inclusions .

R-mode cluster analysis of the Pacific Northwest rainwater study . Reprinted with permission.

Racemic aminoacid derivatives resolved and chiral selector used as foaming agent.

Rack or straight-line gear

Rack or straight-line gear

Radial bearing with a temperature sensor installed. Courtesy of A-C Compressor Corporation

Radial design for metal anode showing area of detail on dmm rim.

Radial distribution

Radial distribution fiinction g at 84.25 K and 0.71 atm as functions of the reduced distance R R a, where a is the molecular diameter from .

Radial distributions of water oxygen atoms around sites in the polar groups in a DPPC bilayer.

Radial flow of air to reduce suction noise

Radial flow pattern produced by a flat blade turbine. Source

Radial impeller for single-stage compressor. Used by permission

Radial inward-flow reactor.

Radial machines of one to eight stages with horizontally split casing, partcularly suitable for compressing nitrous gases. There are no dead spaces provoking buildup of an ammonium nitrate salt.

Radial magnetic bearing rotor sleeve.

Radial magnetic bearing with a view of the circumferential electromagnets.

Radial reaction turbine. Source

Radial spreading coefficients for several types and sizes of packings. Small packings require better initial distribution. The larger the radial spreading coefficient, the more rapid the initial distribution will reach its natural equilibrium of flow distribution. After Hoek, P. J., Wesselingh, J. A., and Zuiderweg, , and Nutter, D. reproduced with permission of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Perry, ., Nutter, D. E., and Hale, A., Chemical Engineering Progress, Jan. , p. 30 all rights reserved.

Radial-flow horizontally split multistage centrifugal compressor. Courtesy of Nuovo Pignone

Radial-flow pattern produced by a flat-blade turbine. By permission, Oldshue, J. Y. .

Radiant heat incineration scheme.

Radiant section of a Kellogg box-type steam reforming furnace.

Radiation buildup at BWRs using normal water chemistry, A, and 2inc additions, B . To convert mGy to mrad, multiply by 100.

Radiation characteristics of a high pressure Hg lamp . The intensity is represented logarithmically in relative units.

Radiation damage in graphite showing the induced crystal dimensional strains. Impinging fast neutrons displace carbon atoms from their equilibrium lattice positions, producing an interstitial and vacancy. The coalescence of vacancies causes contraction in the a-direction, whereas interstitials may coalesce to form dislocation loops causing c-direction expansion.

Radical Halogenation

Radioactive materials warning sign.

Radioactive sources being installed in the neutron-density sub.

Radioactivity after shutdown per watt of thermal power for A, a Hquid-metal fast breeder reactor, and for a D—T fusion reactor made of various stmctural materials B, HT-9 ferritic steel C, V-15Cr-5Ti vanadium—chromium—titanium alloy and D, siUcon carbide, SiC, showing the million-fold advantage of SiC over steel a day after shutdown. The radioactivity level after shutdown is also given for E, a SiC fusion reactor using the neutron reduced

Radiograph with indication marks set by a neuronal network

Radiographic image segmentation.

Radiographic inspection. See text.

Radiosonde launch sensor-transmitter . Source

Radius of curvature in polar coordinates.

Radius of curvature in rectanguiar coordinates.

Rain falls when the water droplets in clouds turn to ice. This con only happen if the clouds are below 0 C to begin with. If the droplets are clean, ice can form only in the unlikely event that the clouds cool down to the homogeneous nucleation temperature of -40 C. When dust particles are present they can catalyse nucleation at temperatures quite close to 0 C. This is why there is often heavy rainfall downwind of factory chimneys.

RAIR spectra of a plasma polymerized silica-like film deposited onto a polished aluminum substrate after annealing at ISO C for 30 min. Film thickness was about 735 A. Reprinted by permission of Gordon and Breach Science Publishers from Ref. .

RAIR spectra of model rubber compound reacted with plasma polymerized acetylene films on steel substrates for 45 min. Adapted by permission of Gordon and Breach Science Publishers from Ref. .

RAIR spectrum calculated from the ti and k spectra shown in

RAIR spectrum of 4-MPP adsorbed onto a gold substrate. Reproduced by permission of the American Chemical Society from Ref. .

RAIRS data from molecular ethyl bromide adsorbed on a Pt surface at 100 K. The two traces shown, which correspond to coverages of 20 and 100 saturation, illustrate the use of the RAIRS surface selection nde for the detemiination of adsorption geometries. Only one peak, but a different one, is observed in each case

RAIRS data in the C-H stretching region from two different self-assembled monolayers, namely, from a monolayer of dioctadecyldisulfide .

Raman and Rayleigh scattering processes involving virtual states Fq and Fj

Raman intensities as a function of the sample orientation for the armchair CNT. As shown on the right, 0 and 62 are angles of the CNT axis from the z axis to the x axis and the y axis, respectively. 63 is the angle of the CNT axis around the z axis from the x axis to the y axis. The left and right hand figures correspond to the VV and VH polarisations .

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