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Pushing the resonant capacitor through a transformer in ZCS QR supplies

Putative mechanism of PGH synthase action on arachidonic acid.

Putting a seizing on a wire rope .

PVC containing filler polymer. Less plasticiser required to fill voids in unit volume

PVC formulation alternatives.

PVC molecular weight as influenced by polymerization temperature.

PVC pasle polymer particles with distribution of size-efficient packing

PVC paste polymer with homogeneous particle size-less efficient packing

PVC prices compared to other plastics prices .

PVC prices from 1989 to 1996 .

Pyrazole-derived pharmaceuticals

Pyroform process flow diagram . Ref refrigeration, CW cooling water, and BFW boiling feedwater.

Pyrolysis and waste recovery section of an etliylene production plant.

Pyrophosphate biogenic precursors. See Table 3.

QCA-I Model see text.

QCA-II Model see text.

QFD phase 1 matrix example for a toilet bleach container

QSL furnace. The green pellets consist of concentrate, fluxes, flue dust, and coal.

Quadnipole mass filter consisting of four cylindrical rods, spaced by a radius r .

Quahty of lignitic coal. To convert MJ kg to Btu lb, multiply by 430.2.

Quaiity management

Qualitative band energy diagrams for a column of radicals

Qualitative compatison of substrate materials for optical disks

Qualitative effect of liquid and vapor loads on bubble cap tray performance. Used by permission, Bolles, W. L., Pet. Processing, Feb. thm May .

Qualitative molecular orbital diagram for methane.

Qualitative piessuie—tempeiatuie diagiams depicting ctitical curves for the six types of phase behaviors for binary systems, where C or Cp corresponds to pure component critical point G, vapor 1, Hquid U, upper critical end point and U, lower critical end point. Dashed curves are critical lines or phase boundaries Class V, the C2H -C2H OH

Qualitative probability consequence risk analysis

Qualitative probability-consequence analysis.

Quality controi process

Quality improvement and quality control

Quality system documentation progression

Quantitaftive high depth resolution profile of O and N in a Ti metal film on Si, using electron-gas SNMS in the direct bombardment mode. Both O and N are measured with reasonably good sensitivity and with good accuracy both at the heavily oxidized surface and at the Ti Si interface.

Quantitation should not be undertaken less than an hour after dipping the chromatograms, because it takes so long for the fluorescence emission to stabilize .

Quantitative depth profile of a commercial prepainted metal-coated steel 60 sample

Quantitative depth profile of the minor alloying elements Cu and Si in Al met-

Quantitative depth profile of TiN-coated steel .

Quantitative high depth resolution profile of the major elements in the thin-film structure of Al TIN Si, comparing the annealed and unannealad structures to determine the extent of interdiffusion of the layers. The depth profile of the unannealed sample shows excellent depth resolution . The Si has become very strongly localized at the Al TIN interface.

Quantum classical cross-sections for the reaction D-I-Ha .

Quantum solution of the test system of 3.3 for e 1 100. computed numerically using Fourier pseudospectral methods in space and a syraplectic discretization in time. Reduced g -density f t j dg versus t and qF Initial

Quarterly olefin feedstock prices, 1978—1991, for naphtha.

Quarternary examples of three types of multi-component liquid-liquid mixtures.

Quasi-elastic release from shock-compressed state. Solid line represents elastic-perfectly-plastic response.

Quasi-lattice representation of an equimolar binary mixture of A and B phase separated at low temperature.

Quaternaries from a-ole ins of fatty alcohols where R is a fatty alkyl group. The product is alkylhen yl dimethyl quaternary.

Quaternaries from fatty nitriles where R is a fatty alkyl group.

Quench converter temperature profile. A, equiUbrium line B, maximum rate line C, quench line and D, intrabed line.

Quenching distance as function of equivalence ratio for hydrocarbon mixtures with air , where x methane, propane, A propylene, and

Quenching outside seai.

Quick Change for quick rupture disk changeout. By permission, Continental Disc Corporation.

Quick Look Interpretation

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