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Nucleotide sequence of the 21-base pair DNA fragment cocrystalUzed with the DNA-binding domain of p53. The p53 binds in a sequence-specific manner to the shaded region.

Nullifying of magnetic field in space in continuous enclosures

Number fraction n-mers as a function of n for several values of p.

Number fraction of n-mers as a function of n for termination by combination. Drawn according to Eq. for values of p indicated.

Number of condensate streams in a horizontal bundle. Used by permission

Number of cracks per mm vs percent strain in an alurnina—alurninum composite for different degrees of roughness where , gendy sloping pits, 10 cm.

Number of design schemes generated at system and subsystem level

Number of forecast days of high air pollution potential per 5 years , Source

Number of PMNs received by EPA

Number of publications on active carbon fibers between 1981 and 1997 .

Number of teeth in 3.1416 inches of a rack or straight-line gear

Number of teeth in 3.1416 inches on the pitch circle

Numbering conventions for selected borane polyhedra discussed in text.

Numbering of the earbon and oxygen atoms in the repeat unit of PMDA ODA polyimide. Reprodueed by permission of John Wiley and Sons from Ref. .

Numbering plates and concentrations in a bubble tray column.

Numbering pumps like this leads to error.

Numbering scheme for 1,3-butadiene, 1.

Numbers indicate approximate precipitation in cm during the growing season, April to September, in the United States .

Numerical estimates of P f versus frequency for four elementary CA rules see text.

Numerical study of random fragmentation.

Numerical test of the reciprocal relations in Eqs. . The phase is odd in .

Numerous examples are also known in which hydrogen acts as a bridge between metallic elements in binary and more complex hydrides, and some of these will be mentioned in the following section which considers the general question of the hydrides of the elements.

Nuts fitted incorrectly to studs.

Nutter BDH Float valve tray with downcomer. Used by permission, Nutter Engineering, Harsco Corp.

Nutter float valves in open and closed positions for use on distillation trays. Used by permission, Nutter Engineering, Harsco Corp., Bui. N-2.

Nutter LVG long, SVG short, and MVG tray slots. MVG tray slots are always placed in a triangular pattern. Used by permission, Nutter Engineering, Harsco Corp.

Nutter MVO high performance fixed valve tray with 4

Nutter Ring . Used by permission of Nutter Engineering, Harsco Corp., Bull. NR-2.

Nutter Snap-Grid grid packing as assembled. Used by permission of Nutter Engineering, Harsco Corp., Bull. CSG-1.

Nutter Snap-Grid high-capacity grid packing with good structural integrity and reduced fouling. Used by permission of Nutter Engineering, Harsco Corp., Bull. CSG-2.

Nutter V-Grid fixed valve for trays. Used by permission, Nutter Engineering, Harsco Corp., Bui. N-2.

Nylon bush in metal housing

nylon plastics consumption from 1967—1994. 1992 and 1993 consumption figures include Canada.

Nyquist diagram for system in Figure 6.20.

Nyquist diagram showing stable and unstable contours.

O peritectic eutectoid.

O-ring backed up by miter ring to seal vessel .

O2 bridges in dinuclear cobalt complexes

Oak water pipe over 200 years old laid above ground in the Wadgassen Abbey .

Object-oriented representation.

Objectives of the Introduction to Design Chapter

Objectives of the introduction to Design Chapter

Oblique-incidence evaporation .

Observed and calculated values of the threshold net section stresses for stress corrosion cracking of a C-Mn steel after various prior deformations and ageing treatments

Observed crack velocities and current densities associated with bare surfaces. The line is that calculated from equation 8.5

Observed specific surfaces for shock-modified powders show four typical behaviors indicative of comminution after phase transformation .

Observed temperature profiles.

Observed textures of mesophase piteh-based earbon fibers .

Observed vs. calculated rates of hydrolysis of enamines at 24.8 . Drawn lines

Observed wave forms in the elastic-plastic regime are quite diverse representing nonideal elastic and viscoplastic behaviors .

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