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N-butane pressure-enthalpy diagram.

NACA measurements of drag coefficients for two laminar airfoils.

NAMD 1 employs a modular, object-oriented design in which patches communicate via an encapsulated communication subsystem. Every patch owns an integrator and a complete set of force objects for bonded calculations.

Names of gear parts

Names of rack parts

Nanotube lip structure seen from the top the presence of pentagons can clearly polygonize the lip.

Nanotubes aligned when a portion of soot was pulled apart.

Narrow Optimum Design

Narrow Optimum Design

Narrowband trends provide energy histories of specific components

Native stmcture of acyl-coenzyme A binding protein . The figure was created using RasMol 2.6 ,

Natural circulation, long tube film evaporator.

Natural ckculation evaporators where C condensate, E entrainment return, F feed, N noncondensibles vent, P product or concentrate, S steam, V vapor, and M knitmesh separator

Natural gas diethylene glycol dehydration system.

Natural mbber production, where other.

Natural product derivative plant growth regulators. See Table 1.

Natural topologies C,p for three one-dimensional additive rules . For an arbitrary acting on a given lattice C, is always Bq aneigMoTsY

Natural water environments. Water links essential cycles of the atmosphere with those of the sediments.

Natural-draft cooling tower

Naturally occurring compounds with characteristic odors. See Table 3.

Nature of the contact region in boundary lubrication according to Bowden and Tabor.

Nb oxo-exchange

Near-field fluorescence image 4.5 p.m square of single oxazine 720 molecules dispersed on die surface of a PMMA film. Each peak is due to a single molecule. The different intensities are due to different molecular orientations and spectra. Reprinted widi pennission from Xie 11221. Copyright 1996 American Chemical Society.

Near-field scanning optical microscopy fluorescence image of oxazine molecules dispersed on a PMMA film surface. Each protuberance in this three-dimensional plot corresponds to the detection of a single molecule, the different intensities of those features being due to different orientations of the molecules. Sub-diffraction resolution, in this case on the order of a fraction of a micron, can be achieved by the near-field scaiming arrangement. Spectroscopic characterization of each molecule is also possible.

Near-surface winds for various latitude belts.

Neck ring stretch blow moulding

Necking in a liquid stream. Courtesy S. G. Mason .

Needle valve. Courlesy of Anderson Greenwood and Co.

Negative TOF-SIMS spectra of PMDA ODA polyimide .

Negatively charged groups such as phosphate ions frequently bind to the amino ends of k helices. The dipole moment of an a helix as well as the possibility of hydrogenbonding to free NH groups at the end of the helix favors such binding, A phosphate group hydrogen-bonded to the NH end of an a helix. Nitrogen atoms are blue oxygen atoms are red main-chain carbon atoms are black and phosphorus is green.

Neighborhood partitioning. In the same way a.s outer sites can be considered separately for value transitions, we may, for topology transitions, distinguish between those sites belonging to both i and j .

Neither case represents a convective mass transfer case while the gas flow is in the boundary layer, other flows are Stefan flow and turbulence. Thus Eqs. can seldom be used in practice, but their forms are used in determining the mass transfer factor for different cases.

NEMA probability curves or a case rupture and selection of internal and external fuses

NEMA s case rupture curve

Nematic schlieren texture observed between crossed polarizers. Courtesy of G. H. Brown, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University.

Nemst diflfiision model for steady state.

Nested menus.

Net expansion factor, Y, for compressible flow through nozzles and orifices. By permission, Crane Co., Technical Paper 410, Engineering Div., 1957. Also see 1976 edition and Fluid Meters, Their Theory and Application, Part 1, 5th Ed., 1959 and R. G. Cunningham, Paper 50-A-45, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Net expansion factor, Y, for compressible flow through pipe to a larger flow area. By permission, Crane Co., Technical Paper U410, Engineering Div., 1957. Also see 1976 edition.

Net incremental cash flow for one- and two-stage power recovery expander schemes.

Net incremental cash flow using one- and two-stage power recovery expanders.

Net oil sand mapping and area - thickness method

Net present value with and without appraisal

Network design for the process from

Network model of a database,

Network of shallow ditches caused by condensation of acidic fluids during acid cleaning of a copper condenser tube.

Neural network plant inverse model.

Neural network state observer.

Neural network structure for Example 10.9. Hidden layer

Neutral aromatic azoles

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