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Jack-up drilling rig.

Jack-up Rig

Jacobi vectors for a three-nuclei, four-electron system. The nuclei are Pi, P2, P3, and the electrons are ei, 02, 63, 64,

Jaeger Tri-Packs high-performance packing fabricated of corrosion resistant plastic. Used by permission of Jaeger Products, Inc.

Jagged fir-tree pattern of metal loss caused by condensing steam with high concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Jagged metal loss downstream of protruding weld bead.

Jagged, cavernous pits typical of cavitation damage.

Jaoketed batoh reaotor. Source

Jet separator gc ms interface.

Jet trajectory of a round jet in bounded cross flow where J Pj V j p

Jet vacuum pump.

Jet-flow mixer. TWin flow jets from submerged centrifugal pump allow for a maximum hydraulic shear per unit of power input, high velocities useful for thick slurries. By permission. Penny, W. a, Chem. Eng., Mar. 22,1971, p. 97 .

Jet-wake fiow distribution from an impeiier.

JO Relative stabilities of various polymers to exposure by high-energy sources. After

JO-1 PSA Assembly Process

Joining up of a

Jointing of two single busbar sections

Joints for tubes. See text.

Journal bearing load capacity versus minimum film thickness and eeeentrieity ratio.

Journal positions during start-up while a hydro-dynamic oil wedge is being established

JT-Phosphonate method where

Juice purification unit operation schematic where retention times are proportional to the size of the boxes and are common optional

Juvenile Asiatic clams passiag through a water iatake screea.

K emission spectrum of tin. The and P2 lines are at 0.491 A and 0.426 A, respectively.

k-space representations of the by appropriate superposition of the v- and y-gradient. The related wave veetor kj then rotates around the origin sampling the r ky-plane. As the sampled points are not equidistant in k-spaee, an image reeonstnietion algoritlnn different from the two-dimensional Fourier transfonn has to be used .

Kac ring model

Keep track of fouling by monitoring the overall heat transfer coefficient as a function of flow rate. Used by permission

Kellogg ammonia plant steam system.

Kellogg open-tube reforming exchanger.

Kellogg s new ruthenium-catalyst based advanced ammonia process combined with the reforming exchange system.

Kelly spinner .

Kendrew s model of the low-resolution structure of myoglobin shown in three different views. The sausage-shaped regions represent a helices, which are arranged in a seemingly Irregular manner to form a compact globular molecule.

Kern correlation for natural circulation boiling and sensible film coefficients—outside and inside tubes. Used by permission

Kettle reboiler arrangement.

Kettle reboiler.

Kettle reboiler—estimate of shell diameter. Example

Key elements of successful PIM

Key features of the humidity chart.

Key intemiediates derived from naphthalene.

Key intermediates derived from benzene. The alkylation reaction shown employs ethylene oxide. Hydrazine condenses with acetoacetic acid to form

Key intermediates derived from P-naphthol.

Key variables in a probabilistic design approach

Keyed shaft

Keystone modes of motion.

KF—AIF phase diagram.

Kicking off by jet bit deflection badgering

Kicking off with a whipstock

Kiebs cycle. Coenzyme A is lepiesented CoA—SH. The cycle begins with the combination of acetyl coenzyme A and oxaloacetic acid to

Kieselguhr filter with plates and frames.

Kinematic viscosity of PVP in aqueous solution.

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