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Hydrogen sulphide vapour pressure vs temperature

Hydrogen water heater conversion.

Hydrogen-decoupled 100.6 MHz C NMR spectrum of paracetamol. Both graphical and numerical peak integrals are shown.

Hydrogen-induced ductility enhancement of the Ti-6Al-2Zr-1.5V-lMo alloy in torsion tests at temperatures 607 - f, 660 - 2, 720 - 3 and 780 C - 4-

Hydrogen-reduction reaction under activation control

Hydrogenation of benzene to cyclohexane.

Hydrogen—chlorine—oxygen explosive limits.

Hydrolysis as the first step reaction in the atmospheric moisture condensation cure system.

Hydrolysis of refractory organics.

Hydropathy plots for the polypeptide chains L and M of the reaction center of Rhodobacter sphaeroides. A window of 19 amino acids was used with the hydrophohicity scales of Kyte and Doolittle. The hydropathy index is plotted against the tenth amino acid of the window. The positions of the transmembrane helices as found by subsequent x-ray analysis by the group of G. Feher, La Jolla, California, ate indicated by the green regions.

Hydrophihcity of three wt monomer ratios of PVP VA

Hydrosilation system.

Hydrothermal crystal growth apparatus.

Hydrothermal quartz autoclave.

Hyperbolic cooling tower.

Hyperbolic towers cooling condenser water in a utility station.

Hyperfine splitting in EPR spectra.

Hyperfine structure energy level scheme and spectrum for the

Hypoid bevel gear

Hypothetical Evans diagram and polarization curve for a metal corroding in an acidic solution, where point A represents the current density, q, for the hydrogen electrode at equiUbrium point B, the exchange current density at the reversible or equiUbrium potential, for M 2e and point

Hypothetical free energy reaction coordinate diagram for

Hypothetical kinetics of depletion of bone marrow of

Hypothetical leakage curves to show effect of ionic concentration and flow rate, where the dashed line corresponds to the leakage shutdown level

Hypothetical molecules to illustrate the energetic terms included in Eqs. to dimmish the influence of these external interactions on geometries, vibrations, and conformational energetics. It should also be noted that additional atoms that could be present in molecule A would represent 1,5 interactions, 1,6 interactions, and so on, and would also interact with each other via the external terms.

Hypothetical present state, or actual, dial-indicator readings

Hypothetical Relative Minima of The buckling stress in the composite material is then

Hypothetical Relative Minima of The buckling stress in the composite material is then

Hypothetical structure of the electrolyte double layer. From ,

Hypothetical Two-Dimensional Failure Data and Design Curve

Hypothetical Two-Dimensional Failure Data and Design Curve

Hypothetical velocity profile models for a countercurrent-flow gas centrifuge, The optimum velocity profile ia a countercurrent gas centrifuge.

Hysteresis loop and magnetizing curve illustrating hysteresis loss

Hysteresis loop in rapid titration of O.OOlM 2-hydroxy-6-methyl-pteridine with 0.01-M potassium hydroxide and back-titration with hydrochloric acid, and the equilibrium titration curve.

Hysteresis loop of dielectric displacement, DI, versus appHed electric field where F is coercive field and PI j, PI, and P are the saturated,

Hysteresis loop produced when 6-hydroxypteridine is titrated with acid and alkali.

Hysteresis loops at 60 Hz of three commercial Ni—Fe alloys

Hysteretic whirl.

I ADC bit dull grading codes—bold characters for fixed-cutter bits .

I Echo dynamic curve from lower crack edge of a 10 mm vertical strip-like crack at centre

I is the simplest reversible reaction.

I represents a two-dimensional damage distribution of an impact in a 0 90 CFRP laminate of 3 mm thickness. Unlike in ultrasonic testing, which is usually the standard method for this problem, there is no shadowing effect on the successive layers by delamination echos. With the method of X-ray refraction the exact concentration of debonded fibers can be calculated for each position averaged over the wall thickness. Additionally the refraction allows the selection of the fiber orientation. The presented X-ray refraction topograph detects selectively debonded fibers of the 90 direction.

I Sketch of a Pressurized Water Reactor

I The discrete distribution of probability of crap scores has impressed on it a continuous distribution with quite a different meaning

I versus R for gas vessel bursts. R r.

I-Sc Formation of the molten pool

I2 Curves showing the relationship between strength, stress-corrosion susceptibility and heat treatment for a high-strength precipitation-hardening aluminium alloy

Iadirect-heat, two-stage, back mixed, and plug flow fluid-bed dryer.

Ib hr steam per ton of refrigeration for 40 F chilled water.

Ib hr steam per ton of refrigeration for 45 F chilled water.

Ib hr steam per ton of refrigeration for 50 F chilled water.

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