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Growth of the nonwoven fabrics industry where , 10 t.

Growth of wodd s reserves of conventional petroleum. To convert to bbl, multiply by 6.29.

Growth rate of calcium oxalate versus supersaturation at 21 C

Grumman X-29A

Grumman X-29A

Gruneisen parameter versus pressure for different regimes are indicated. Pluses indicate properties of stishovite phase, half-filled circles and closed circles indicate properties of high-density molten material, whereas open triangles and open circles and upper branch indicate behavior of coesitelike phase .

Guide for selecting gas sweetening processes.

Guide for selecting narrow V-belt cross-sections ,

Guide for selecting V-belt cross-section .

Guide Operating pressure vs. design pressure increase over operating pressure.

Guide to boiler capacities

Guide to selecting ball or roller bearings

Guidelines for relief pressures. Source

Guides for silent chain sprockets .

GXRR patterns ofTi BN multilayers before and after ion-beam mixing with various ion fluences.

H correlation for various sizes of Bert saddles. Reproduced by permission of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Cornell, et al.. Chemical Engineering Progress, V. 56, No. 8 p. 68 eill rights reserved.

H correlation for various sizes of Raschig rings, Sc Schmidt No. p. 68 all rights reserved.

H depth profile of an H-im-planted Si sample obtained with 6-MeV C projectile ions for different recoil angles 9. q gives the charge ofthe incident ions. The experimental depth profiles .

H NMR and X-ray crystallography study of the bis-ether complex 28. Denmark, S.E. Edwards, .P. Wilson, S.R.J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1992, 114, 2592. Reprinted with permission from The American Chemical Society

H NMR investigation of some organozinc halides. Boersma, . Noltes, J.G.J. Organo-met. Chem. 1267, S, 551. Reprinted with permission from Elsevier, Ltd.

H NMR shifts and coupling constants of azetidine derivatives

H NMR spectra

H NMR spectra of

H NMR spectra of 3C -C2H

H NMR spectra of A . V-dimethylacetamide 280, 75 v v,

H NMR spectra of methanol 25 C, 90 MHz, CW recording

H NMR spectrum of ethyl dichloroacetate in comparison with the protons of the CH2 and CHj residues

H Versus u Curves from the Huber Equation

H- H COSY-45 2D NMR spectrum of methyl-a-gliicopyranose . The coupling links and the approximate couplings can be deduced by inspection.

H-74 presents ac tual versus standard vapor-compression cycle. In reahty, flow through the condenser and evaporator must be accompanied by pressure drop. There is always some subcooling in the condenser and superheating of the vapor entering the compressor-suction hue, both due to continuing process in the heat exchangers and the influence of the environment. Subcooling and superheating are usually desirable to ensure only liquid enters the expansion device. Superheating is recommended as a precaution against droplets of liquid being carried over into the compressor.

H-Coal ebuUating bed reactor.

H-Coal process using Illinois No. 6 coal

H2S removal, no COj.

Haber-Bosch process flow diagram.

Haemonetics disposable bowls

Hajek correlation thermosiphon reboilers overall coefficients at maximum flux. Used by permission

Halftone dots magnified

Halogenated 2 -deoxyuridine derivatives

Halogenated butyl mbber process.

Halpin-Tsai Calculations

Halpin-Tsai Calculations

Halpin-Tsai Calculations

Halpin-Tsai Calculations

Halpin-Tsai Calculations

Halpin-Tsai Calculations

Halpin-Tsai Calculations versus Foye s Calculations

Halpin-Tsai Calculations versus Foye s Calculations

Hammett plot for solvolysis of substituted norbomyl esters in 70

Hammett plots for the Diels-Alder reaction of2.4a-e with 2.5 in water .

Hammett plots for the equilibrium constant of binding of 2.4 to Co, NL, Cu and .

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