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Yang-Mills fields, nuclear Lagrangean three-state case

Yang-Mills fields, nuclear Lagrangean three-state molecular systems

Yang-Mills fields, nuclear Lagrangean three-state system in plane

Yang-Mills fields, nuclear Lagrangean topological spin

Yang-Mills fields permutational symmetry

Yang-Mills field pseudomagnetic field

Yang-Mills fields, pure Censorial gauge

Yang-Mills fields, pure Censorial gauge fields

Yang-Mills fields pure tensorial gauge fields

Yang-Mills fields three-state molecular system, strongly

Yang-Mills fields time-dependent Schrodinger equation

Yang-Mills fields vanishing sufficiency criterion

Yang-Mills field vector potential theory

Yang-Mills fields wave function transformation

Yang-Mills flelds

Yang-Mills flelds alternative derivation

Yang-Mills flelds curl condition

Yang-Mills flelds future implications

The Lee-Yang-Parr Correlation Potential


Yannoni norbornyl cation

Yannoni solid-state NMR

yanoethyty. phosphate protecting group

Yanofsky, Charles

yanothiazole, synthesis

Yarovenko-Raksha reagent

Yarovenko-Raksha reagent preparation

Yates, G

Yates field, West Tex.

Yaws recovery of non-key components

Dih.ydro diazepines


ydrolysis—contd ethyl malonate

ydrolysis—contd ethyl nitrite

Yeager, Capt. Charles

Yeager, Ernest faculty colleague

Yearly cost indices


Yeast genome

Yeast, invertase from


Yeast transcription factor GCN see GCN

Yegua formation


By Yehuda Haas and Shmuel Zilberg The Crude Born-Oppenheimer Adiabatic Approximation of Molecular Potential Energies

Yellow Arsenic Sulfide

Yellow petrolatum

Yellow phosphorus

YETI force field

YETI, Molecular

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