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Uses of Synthesis Gas

Using Variables in a Z-matrix

Useful work from a pump

Useful Work and Pump Efficiency


USEPA Office of Pollution Prevention

USEPA air quality models

USEPA Risk Management Program

User-defined statement

User-friendly design

User interface

User maintenance

User tolerance


Usnic acid

USSR spacebome nuclear reactors

USSR spaceborue nuclear reactors

Utah Oil Refining wells


utdecyltributylpkosphonium bromide, phase transfer

utdecyltributylpkosphonium exchange

utdecyltributylpkosphonium reagent in halogen-fluorine

Uterotrophic assay



Utilities capital investments

Utilities check list, process design

Utilities compressed air

Utilities cooling water

Utilities demineralized water

Utilities electricity

Utilities energy targets

Utilization factor

Utility industry

Utility industry alkaline corrosion

Utility industry biologically influenced corrosion

Utility industry corrosion fatigue

Utility industry dealloying

Utility industry erosion-corrosion

Utility industry material defects

Utility industry stress-corrosion cracking

Utility industry tuberculation

Utility industry underdeposit corrosion

Utility industry weld defects

Utilities inert gases

Utility operating costs

Utility operating costs cooling water costs

Utility operating costs marginal costs

Utility operating costs steam costs

Utility planning

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