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TWOPHASE, software

TXRF see total reflection ray fluorescence


Tyiosme and Leucine (E. Fischers ester method)

tro ace tylaminonaph thalene

Tyler, Tex.

Tyler school land, Tex.


Tylonolide, mycinosyl




Tynan purple

Tynan purple electrostatic potential map

Tynan purple l Tyrosine

Tyndall effect

Tyndall lamp

Tyndall on odours


type band, of asymmetric rotor

Type C band, of asymmetric rotor, Iff ungerade

Types of Calculation

Types of centrifugal pumps

Types of columns and packings

Types of Compounds Examined by FIFD

inl-type condensations

inl-type condensations of aldehydes with amides

inl-type condensations of aldehydes with esters

inl-type condensations by tnmethylsilyl inflate

Types of contract

Hol type coupling

Type I Covalent Derivatization with a Unichiral Derivatizing Agent

Types of crystallizer

Types of crystallizer agitated vessels

Types of crystallizer draft-tube and baffled

Types of crystallizer oslo fluidized-bed

Types of crystallizer swenson forced circulation

Types of crystallizer unstirred vessels

type current transformers

Types of Air Curtains and Their Applications

Types of Data Collected

Types of Data Collection Systems

Types of Database Systems

Type IV Derivative with best Selectivity

Types of distillation

type doubling

Types of Effects

Type of equipment

Type error

Types of Filter Media to Choose From

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