Bypass factor

Bypass factor The ratio of the secondary flow to the sum of the main flow and secondary flow.  [c.1419]

The proportion AC/AB is termed the coil contact factor. The proportion CB/AB is sometimes used, and is termed the bypass factor.  [c.249]

FIG. 11-12 Correction factor for bypass flow.  [c.1040]

Find the correction factor for bundle bypass i i from Fig. 11-17.  [c.1040]

FIG. 11-17 Cor rection factor on pressure drop for bypass flow.  [c.1041]

Figure 4-90 demonstrates the predieted overspeed versus inlet valve elosure rates ranging from. 6 see to 2.0 see for both eoupling failure and generator load drop. The study showed that a valve with a 2.0 see elosure time eould meet all overspeed eriteria at a signifieant savings over the faster elosure valves. The relatively small differenee in overspeed between the eoupling failures and generator load drops is mainly due to the opening of the downstream bypass.  [c.195]

Factor P For Babcock Steam Formula  [c.108]

F = Factor in Babcock s steam flow equation  [c.154]

Serious congestion delay often exists in the same urbanized areas that fail to meet federal air quality standards. In these areas, capacity expansion projects are usually difficult to implement. The emissions from the increased travel demand that follows corridor expansion can create additional air quality problems. One effective means of expanding capacity while restricting a corridor s travel demand and emissions growth is the addition of HOV lanes. Only carpools and transit vehicles can use these I lOV lanes. The efficiency of carpool lanes as a system improvement is a function of the characteristics of the overall HOV system. Vehicles need to remain in free-flowing HOV lanes until they reach the exit for their destination or the time benefits associated with the carpooling activity are limited. Forcing carpools out of dedicated lanes, into congested lanes, and hack into dedicated lanes is an impediment to carpool formation. HOV systems that ensure faster travel through congested regions are more successful in attracting users. Many urban areas are integrating HOV bypass facilities, and HOV onramps/offramps into interconnected systems.  [c.1149]

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