TheHyperChem optimization algorithms only guarantee that the minimum obtained is a local minimum. The global minimum of the potential energy surface is a desirable point to know but can be impractical to find when there are large numbers of degrees of freedom (large numbers of atoms). Many techniques are available, however, for exploring the surface and finding additional minima. Knowing that one of these additional minima is the global minimum is not easy, however. You could obviously try to find additional minima by using different starting points for a minimization. As shown in the diagram earlier, a potential surface can be very convoluted and different starting points will lead to different minima.  [c.327]

The plants of Solanum include, among others, the potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) and the tomato Solatium lycoperisicum L.). Frequendy the plant bases occur as the aglycone portion of a glycoalkaloid bonded to one or more six-carbon sugars. Hydrolysis of the sugar portion and, somewhere along the degradative pathway, excision of the nitrogen (usually via a Hoffmann-type elimination) results ia a steroid-like fragment, the analysis of which falls back on the large body of accumulated information about steroids and their degradation products. Solanidine [80-78-4] (130) is typical of the kind of bases present and has been isolated from a number of Solanum.  [c.555]

W. T. TForsison, Agricultural Chemicals, Book II Herbicides, 1989—1990 rev., Thomson Pubhshers, Fresno, Calif., 1989.  [c.60]

Among the well-known Solanum species that have been chemically examined are S. nigrum, S. tuberosum (potato) and S. lycopersicum (tomato). From these and other species an alkaloidal glucoside, which was first prepared by Desfosses, has been obtained. This substance has been named solan ine, but it is not certain that all the plants recorded as containing solanine contain the same solanine or that the alkaloid has been obtained in a pure state in each case.  [c.661]

The name solanine should be sufficient to indicate that the substance referred to is the glucosidal alkaloid first isolated from potatoes. The use of such forms as T-solanine, solanine-t and solanine tuberosum is confusing, as is also the proposed substitution of solatubine for solanine.  [c.662]

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