Hydrolysis of methyl oxalate. The exceptionally rapid hydrolysis of rnethyl oxalate can be followed thus Dissolve 0 2 g. of finely powdered methyl oxalate in 10 ml. of water, and add i drop of phenolphthalein. Then add very dil. NaOH solution (1%) drop by drop until the solution just turns pink it will be noticed that the colour rapidly fades, but is restored on the Further addition of 1-2 drops of NaOH solution. The colour fades again and the addition can be repeated until hydrolysis is complete. Oxalic acid (with which methyl oxalate may be confused) gives a precise end-point when treated with NaOH solution in this way.  [c.357]

Similarly, ethyl (or methyl) a-formyl chloroacetate (69), Rj = H, and its substituted derivatives, condensed with thioformamide or higher thioamides give 5-ethyl- or 5-rnethyl-thiazole carboxylates (70) in good  [c.204]

For distributing larger quantities of gaseous helium, argon, and occasionally neon, a number of large, horizontal, compressed gas cylinders are manifolded on tmck semitrailers (called tube trailers) or railroad cars. Like individual cylinders, these serve both as transport containers and rental storage containers. Capacities of tube trailers range from about 300 to 5,000 m (10,000—175,000 fT) of gas.  [c.12]

Building. Lime, in hydrated form, is used in time—cement—sand mortar of various proportions to provide plasticity, high water retentivity, and bond strength (17). In the United States, nearly all of the mason s time used is ASTM Type S hydrated time. It is applied to mortar in several ways (/) one bag each of time and Portland cement with six parts sand by volume is added to the mortar mixer at the job site (2) 5—10% of hydrated time is added to some masonry cements and packaged for later mixing with sand (in a 1 3 proportion) and water (J) at a central mixing plant, time putty made from quicklime is mixed with a measured amount of sand and water, and delivered to the project as ready-mixed mortar or ready to use (mixed) in dmms (4) time, cement, and sand are dry-mixed and delivered to the job in bulk, optionally with all mortar handling and mixing equipment on a rental basis (5) pulverized quicklime is slaked at the job site, and the resulting putty is then mixed with cement and sand.  [c.177]

Services. These iaclude telephone system FAX machines mail moves deUveries tmcks and vehicle fleet management janitorial and housekeepiag services landscapiag and gardening water treatment and waste disposal reproduction, eg, copyiag machines, blue-line machines, and printing furniture control tool rental and maintenance and instmment rental and caUbration.  [c.445]

In 1991 the average value of the oxygen produced was 707,110,000 representing 0.053/m (15 /100 fU). This figure is dominated by 80—90% of the oxygen that was sold via pipeline under long-term contract. Long-term contracts may be on a take-or-pay basis and may also contain energy cost clauses to reflect the energy-intensive nature of producing oxygen. Eor the smallest customers using Hquid oxygen customer stations, Hquid cylinders, or high pressure gas cylinders, the cost could be about 10 times this figure, including shipping and equipment rental charges.  [c.479]

J. S. Goodwia,/ Rheumatol 18(Suppl 28), 26 (1991).  [c.173]

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Any opex estimate should not ignore the cost of overheads which the project attracts, especially for example the cost of support staff and office rental which can form a significant fraction of the total opex, and does not necessarily reduce as production declines.  [c.308]


Separate the ketone layer from the water, and redistil the lattCT rmtil about one third of the material has passed over. Remove the ketone after salting out any dissolved ketone with potassium carbonate (5). Wash the combined ketone fractions four times with one third the volume of 35-40 per cent, calcium chloride solution in order to remove the alcohol. Dry over 15 g. of anhydrous calcium chloride it is best to shake in a separatory funnel with 1-2 g. of the anhydrous calcium chloride, remove the saturated solution of calcium chloride as formed, and then allow to stand over 10 g. of calcium chloride in a dry flask. Filter and distil. Collect the methyl n-butyl ketone at 126-128°. The yield is 71 g.  [c.482]

The best method Strike found for this [135] does not use ZnCI which is usually included in this procedure as a facilitator to the addition of the chlo-romethyl group [37 p539, 136]. Strike does not feel that mistake of omission had occurred so Strike will proceed as such. 366g 1,3-benzodioxole, 99g  [c.240]

Alkylation of 2-methylaminothiazole (204) with ROH in 85% sulfuric acid gives 2-methylimino-3-alkyl-4-thiazoIine (54). 2-Amino-4-rnethyl-thiazoie alkylated with an excess of isopropanol, however, gives 95% of 2-isopropylamino-4-methyl-5-isopropylthiazole (56). The same result is obtained with cyclohexanol (242). These results and those reported in Sections III.l.C and IV.l.E offer interesting new synthetic possibilities in thiazole chemistry. The reactive species in these alkylations is the conjugate acid of 2-aminothiazole. and the diversity of the products obtained suggests that three nucleophilic centers may be operative in this species.  [c.47]

A. Riondel, J. F. Tait, S. A. S. Tait, M. Gut, and B. Litde,/ Clin. Endocrinol Metab. 25, 229 (1965).  [c.225]

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When private tracks have insufficient capacity for the number of freight cars requked to be stored, shippers or receivers of freight may lease additional trackage from a railroad in the vicinity of the plant (5). Because leased tracks are considered private during the term of the lease, demurrage is not payable on private cars held on such tracks, although a reasonable rental for the track lease must be paid. Frequentiy, tracks located at strategic places remote from a plant faciUty may be leased for storage of loaded cars in order to have them available for prompt deUvery to customers or distributors in the vicinity of the track.  [c.256]

The classic example of an antiinflammatory dmg is aspirin [50-78-2], acetosahcyflc acid, an effective analgesic for many years. It is well tolerated by the dog and the horse, but is relatively toxic to cats. Under the proper clinical circumstances, it can be used for prolonged therapy in chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Rimadyl is presently used.  [c.404]

Home desalinators are possible only for industrialized countries with a central service organization. They will eventually become available on a rental/service contract basis, as is standard practice for water softeners in many communities. Although rental of water softeners is common in the United States, home membrane-system rental is not estabUshed.  [c.238]

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First Sa.le Doctrine. Although the copyright owner has the exclusive right to distribute copies to the pubHc, the bona fide possessor of a particular copy, in most circumstances, may further dispose of that copy without the copyright owner s consent. Thus, for example, the purchaser of a book may freely resell that copy. Hence, used book stores do not violate copyright law. Similarly, a copy of a work legitimately owned may be displayed pubhcly, as in the case of a picture hung in a museum. The Copyright Act has been amended to prohibit the rental of sound recordings or computer software, even though that rental would have been permitted by the first sale doctrine. Frequendy, computer software is sold under a so-called Hcense, which purports to bind the purchaser to limitations on the use and transfer of the software beyond the requirements of the law.  [c.266]

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