Lycopene [502-65-8] Lycopodium powder Lycorine [476-28-8] Lycra  [c.581]

Lycorine [476-28-8J M 552.9, m 275-280°(dec) [aJo -130° (c 0.16, EtOH). Crystd from EtOH.  [c.279]

Pharmacology. Lycorine was first examined by Morishima wl found it relatively non-toxic to mammals. Given per os or subcutaneous, to the dog or cat, it causes, in small doses, salivation and in large dos vomiting and diarrhoea. It has no special effect on the blood pressure death seems to be due to a generalised collapse. Post mortem —hyper m and ecchymoses in the stomach, intestine, pulmonary pleura and end  [c.410]

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