Mach number mercaptans

Much jet fuel is produced by simply distilling a kerosene fraction from the crude oil followed by some form of additional processing. The initial boiling points for the distillation are generally set to produce a jet fuel that meets the flash-point requirement, and the final boiling points are set to meet requirements such as freeze-point, smoke-point or naphthalene content. Jet fuel often is blended from a number of streams. In addition to simply distilled kerosene fractions, blend stocks are produced from heavier crude oil fractions or refmei y product streams by breaking them do wii into lower-boiling fractions. The processing steps used to prepare blend stocks after distillation vary considerably, depending on factors such as crude oil type, refinery capabilities, and specification requirements. Crude oils, whose kerosene fractions are low in total sulfur content, can be chemically processed to reduce mercaptan sulfur or organic acid content. For example, a kerosene with a high organic acid content but a low  [c.112]

Pressure safety design practices for refinery and chemical operations (1998) -- [ c.96 ]