Mach number maximum bed height

All that can be done is to make a reasonable initial assessment of the number of stages. Having made a decision for the number of stages, the heat flow through the system is temporarily fixed so that the design can proceed. Generally, the maximum temperature in evaporators is set by product decomposition and fouling. Therefore, the highest-pressure stage is operated at a pressure low enough to be below this maximum temperature. The pressure of the lowest-pressure stage is normally chosen to allow heat rejection to cooling water or air cooling. If decomposition and fouling are not a problem, then the stage pressures should be chosen such that the highest-pressure stage is below steam temperature and the lowest-pressure stage above cooling water or air cooling temperature.  [c.87]

Pressure. Within limits, pressure may have Htfle effect in air-sparged LPO reactors. Consider the case where the pressure is high enough to supply oxygen to the Hquid at a reasonable rate and to maintain the gas holdup relatively low. If pressure is doubled, the concentration of oxygen in the bubbles is approximately doubled and the rate of oxygen deHvery from each bubble is also approximately doubled in the mass-transfer rate-limited zone. The total number of bubbles, however, is approximately halved. The overall effect, therefore, can be small. The optimum pressure is likely to be determined by the permissible maximum gas holdup and/or the desirable maximum vapor load in the vent gas.  [c.342]

The first question then is, what types of symmetry can form roughly spherical objects that are built up from identical units. In other words, how can one make a sphere by arranging identical objects symmetrically on its surface —a problem also faced by producers of soccer balls. This question was answered more than 2000 years ago by the classical Greek mathematicians, who showed that there is only a very limited number of ways to build such objects. Among these, the icosahedron and dodecahedron have the highest possible symmetry, generally called icosahedral symmetry, and therefore allow a maximum number of identical objects to form a closed symmetrical shell (Figure 16.2). Do these geometric principles apply to viral structures  [c.327]

The essential advantage of IR speetra measurements in the gaseous phase is the proximity of the experimental data to the theoretieally ealeulated. It gives the possibility to obtain simpler speetral eurves with less number of absorption s maximum and their undistorted form beeause of absenee of moleeular interaetions, polymerization ete. This faet gives the highest seleetivity between moleeular speetrometrie methods and provides to inerease of preeision. In this paper we diseussed the ways of the further perfeetion of the IR gaseous measurements and widening of the method possibilities. So we investigated the gaseous extraetion using IR speetra for the wide range of organie volatile substanees from the water solutions. It allowed us to make sueh eonelusions  [c.106]

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