Knox equation avarage

Geographical Origin. The 6261 database entries Hsted in CRDB are produced in eight geographic regions Africa, Asia, AustraUa, the Par East, Eastern Europe, Western Europe (including the United Kingdom), North America, and South America. No databases from Antarctica are Hsted. The geographical distributions of database entries and databases are shown in Table 4. Asian databases are from China (both Mainland and Taiwan), Hong Kong, India, Israel, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the CIS. The only regions having more than 1000 databases are North America (>4400) and Western Europe (>1400). The majority of databases, 4368 in 1991, are held in the United States. Pigure 3 compares U.S. and non-U.S. database entries. Counties, other than the United States, having 100 or more databases are England, Canada, Germany, Prance, Japan, and AustraHa. Databases are produced in a variety of languages.  [c.455]

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