Hiickel rule acidity

Hexyl alcohol (1-hexanol) [111-27-3] M 102.2, b 157.5 , d 0.818, n 5 1.4198, n 1.4158. Commercial material usually contains other alcohols which are difficult to remove. A suitable method is to esterify with hydroxybenzoic acid, recrystallise the ester and saponify. [Olivier Reel Trav Chim, Pays-Bas 55 1027 1936.] Drying agents include K2CO3 and CaS04, followed by filtration and distn. (Some decomposition to the olefin occurred when Al amalgam was used as drying agent at room temperature, even though the amalgam was removed prior to distn.) If the alcohol is required anhydrous, the redistd material can be refluxed with the appropriate alkyl phthalate or succinate, as described under Ethanol.  [c.257]

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