The two diabatic nuclear wave functions xf and x can be expressed as linear combinations of auxiliary nuclear wave functions and, respec-  [c.210]

How do we know that water IS a weaker acid than phe noP What are their respec tive pK values  [c.997]

For their work on myoglobin and hemoglobin respec tively John C Kendrew and Max F Perutz were awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in chemistry  [c.1146]

Sandmeyer reaction (Section 22 17) Reaction of an aryl dia zonium ion with CuCl CuBr or CuCN to give respec tively an aryl chloride aryl bromide or aryl cyanide (nitrile)  [c.1293]

This equation relates the composition of the copolymer formed to the instantaneous composition of the feedstock and to the parameters rj and r2 which characterize the specific system. Figure 7.1 shows a plot of Fj versus fj-the mole fractions of component 1 in the copolymer and monomer mixture, respec-tively-for several arbitrary values of the parameters rj and r2. Inspection of Fig. 7.1 brings out the following points  [c.428]

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The stereoselectivity of elimination of 5 bromononane on treatment with potassium ethox ide was described in Section 5 14 Draw Newman projections or make molecular models of 5 bromononane showing the conformations that lead to cis 4 nonene and trans 4 nonene respec tively Identify the proton that is lost in each case and suggest a mechanistic explanation for the observed stereoselectivity  [c.228]

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