Allowing enough intermediate storage to rework ofT-specification material.  [c.297]

Rerick, M. N. Eliel, E. L. 1962, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 84, 2356  [c.377]

Rework Example 2.6 using conservation principles.  [c.23]

Roark S E and Rowlen K L 1993 Atomic force microscopy of thin Ag films. Relationship between morphology and optical properties Chem. Phys. Lett. 212 50  [c.1726]

In retrospect, this study has demonstrated the limitations of two commonly accepted methods of analysing solubilisation and micellar catalysis, respectively. It has become clear that solubilisate ririg-current induced shifts need to be interpreted with due caution. These data indicate a proximity of solubilisate and parts of the surfactant and, strictly, do not specify the location within the micelle where the encounter takes place. Also the use of the pseudophase model for bimolecular reactions requires precaution. When distribution of the reactants over the micelle is not comparable, erroneous results are likely to be obtained  [c.153]

Hereafter the known Green formula will be used, namely, for all smooth functions w, rriij, i,j = 1,2, we have  [c.321]

Formulation of the elastoplastic problem for the plate having the crack is as follows. In the domain flc we want to find functions w, m = rriij, ijy bi = 2, satisfying the following equations and inequalities  [c.321]

Here i —> i is the convex and continuous function describing a plasticity yield condition. The function w describes vertical displacements of the plate, rriij are bending moments, (5.139) is the equilibrium equation, and equations (5.140) give a decomposition of the curvatures —Wjj as a  [c.321]

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