Anthranol is isomeric with anthrone, and behaves in its reactions as a typical hydroxylic compound. The equilibrium mixture between the two compounds consists mainly of the keto form anthranol is largely converted into anthrone on heating.  [c.36]

The more common types of structure showing tautomerism are the keto-enol type.  [c.225]

Distillation curves for a Kuwait crude oil.  [c.24]

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Bucherer reaction Bucherer discovered that the interconversion of 2-naphthol and 2-naphthylamine through the action of alkali and ammonia could be facilitated if the reaction was carried out in the presence of (HSO3]" at about 150 C. This reaction is exceptional for the ease with which an aromatic C —OH bond is broken. It is not of general application, it is probable that the reaction depends upon the addition of [HSO3]" to the normally unstable keto-form of 2-naphthol, and subsequent displacement of —OH by —NH2.  [c.69]

More selective than reduction with L1AIH4 and, e.g., will not reduce the ester group in keto-esters.  [c.102]

It reacts chemically as if it were either 1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene or the triketone of hexa-hydrobenzene. The trialkyl derivative of the hydroxy-form or the trioxime of the keto-form can be obtained from phloroglucinol by reacting in a suitable manner. In certain cases derivatives of the two forms are interchangeable. Used in printing, photography, adhesives, pharmaceuticals.  [c.306]

The initial step in the pathway is the condensation of erythrose-4-phosphale with phosphoenolpyruvate, yielding dehydroquinic acid, which by elimination of the elements of water affords dehydroshikimic acid reduction of the 3-keto group to hydroxyl gives shikimic acid.  [c.357]

An example of the good correlation between TBP and simulated distillation is given in Figure 2.4, where it is shown that 71% of a Kuwait crude distils below 535T.  [c.24]

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Here we discuss several metiiods that are conuuonly used to propagate coupled-chamrel equations, and we also present a linear algebra method for applying variational theory. The coupled-channel equations are coupled ordinary differential equations, so they can in principle be solved using any one of a number of standard methods for doing this (Runge-Kutta, predictor-corrector etc). However these methods are very inefficient for this application and a number of alternatives have been developed which take advantage of specific features of the problems being solved.  [c.985]

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