Miscible processes are aimed at recovering oil which would normally be left behind as residual oil, by using a displacing fluid which actually mixes with the oil. Because the miscible drive fluid is usually more mobile than oil, it tends to bypass the oil giving rise to a low macroscopic sweep efficiency. The method is therefore best suited to high dip reservoirs. Typical miscible drive fluids include hydrocarbon solvents, hydrocarbon gases, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.  [c.210]

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The authors are grateful to Dr J M Farley of Mitsui Babcock Energy Limited for useful comments.  [c.956]

Gilman [124] and Westwood and Hitch [135] have applied the cleavage technique to a variety of crystals. The salts studied (with cleavage plane and best surface tension value in parentheses) were LiF (100, 340), MgO (100, 1200), CaFa (111, 450), BaFj (111, 280), CaCOa (001, 230), Si (111, 1240), Zn (0001, 105), Fe (3% Si) (100, about 1360), and NaCl (100, 110). Both authors note that their values are in much better agreement with a very simple estimate of surface energy by Bom and Stem in 1919, which used only Coulomb terms and a hard-sphere repulsion. In more recent work, however, Becher and Freiman [126] have reported distinctly higher values of y, the critical fracture energy.  [c.279]

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Full quantum wavepacket studies on large molecules are impossible. This is not only due to the scaling of the method (exponential with the number of degrees of freedom), but also due to the difficulties of obtaining accurate functions of the coupled PES, which are required as analytic functions. Direct dynamics studies of photochemical systems bypass this latter problem by calculating the PES on-the-fly as it is required, and only where it is required. This is an exciting new field, which requires a synthesis of two existing branches of theoretical chemistry—electronic structure theory (quantum chemistiy) and mixed nuclear dynamics methods (quantum-semiclassical).  [c.311]


All MWD tools have both a power supply and data transmission system often combined in one purpose built collar and usually located above the measurement sensors as shown in Figure 5.40 (a Teleco directional/gamma/resistivity tool). Data transmission may be within the downhole assembly from the sensors to a memory device or from the sensors to surface. The latter is usually achieved by mud pulse telemetry, a method by which data is transmitted from the tool in real time, i.e. as data is being acquired. Positive or negative pressure pulses created in the mudstream downhole travel through the mud (inside the drill pipe) to surface and are detected by a pressure transducer in the flowline. Positive pressure pulses are created by extending a plunger into a choke orifice, momentarily restricting flow (as shown in the top of Figure 5.40), an operation which is repeated to create a binary data string. Negative pulses are created by opening a bypass valve and venting mud to the annulus, momentarily reducing the drill pipe pressure.  [c.135]

The "SIMON" Project ("On-line acoustic monitoring of structural integrity of critical power plant components operating at high temperatures") had a duration of 4 years (1.10.1993 -30.09.1997) the Project Consortium included CISE (Project Coordinator, I), MITSUI BABCOCK ENERGY (UK), HERIOT-WATT UNIVERSITY (IK), PROET / EDP (P) and ENEL (I).  [c.71]

The condition of the magnetic particle suspension is controlled by an automated ASTM-bulb. The bulb is connected to the currently used Magentic particle suspension tank by a bypass, so the suspension in use is flowing through the bulb too. In user defined periods a valve is closed and the Magentic particle suspension remained into the bulb is analysed. The automatic bulb has the ability to measure the extinction and transmission of the suspension related to the time (Figure 1, Figure 2)  [c.629]

The calculation of the surface energy of metals has been along two rather different lines. The first has been that of Skapski, outlined in Section III-IB. In its simplest form, the procedure involves simply prorating the surface energy to the energy of vaporization on the basis of the ratio of the number of nearest neighbors for a surface atom to that for an interior atom. The effect is to bypass the theoretical question of the exact calculation of the cohesional forces of a metal and, of course, to ignore the matter of surface distortion.  [c.269]

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Apart from the development of imaging and force measurement devices, an important biophysico-chemical problem is  [c.2832]

A vital biophysico-chemical problem is to understand how chemical energy (released by ATP or GTP hydrolysis  [c.2832]

Figure C3.1.11. Apparatus for pump-probe time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy. (From Varotsis C and Babcock G T 1993 K4ethods Enzymol. 226 409-31.) Figure C3.1.11. Apparatus for pump-probe time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy. (From Varotsis C and Babcock G T 1993 K4ethods Enzymol. 226 409-31.)
Varotsis C and Babcock G T 1993 Nanosecond time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy/Mef/rods Enzymol. 226 409-31  [c.2970]

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