PS type specifications

The disadvantages are that the condensing turbine has a high capital cost because it is larger than a back-pressure type. It develops high specif-  [c.282]

Eprouvette, /. cylinder (narrow cylindrical vessel), tube, specif, test tube.  [c.134]

Bitter Orange Oil. The cold-expressed oil from the peel of the nearly ripe fmit of Citrus aurantium L. subsp. amara is called bitter orange oil [68916-04-1]. Although it is related botanicaHy to bergamot, there are substantial odor and flavor differences between the two. The tree is cultivated primarily in Spain, Guinea, and the West Indies, and the odor and flavor vary considerably from region to region. Cold-pressed bitter orange oil is a pale yellow to dark yellow or pale brown mobile Hquid with a peculiar rich, fresh, dry aroma with a lasting sweet-floral undertone. The oil is the main ingredient of the orange or triple-sec Hqueur flavors and as an intensifier for sweet orange-flavored drinks. In perfumery it finds extensive use in colognes and fine fragrances of the chypres, fougnre, and fresh aldehydic citms type. A comparison of the volatiles of Spanish and ItaHan oils of the same season has been performed and the principal ingredients are shown in Table 26 (67).  [c.321]

Gcfrorene, n. something frozen, ice cream, ice. Gefiige, n. structure texture, bed, stratum system, order, -art, /. kind or type of structure. -bestandteil, m. structural constituent, -lehre, /. science of structure, specif, metallography.  [c.175]

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