HAYASY Rearrangement

There is an abundance of aluminum ores and alumina plants (see Aluminum and aluminum alloys Aluminum compounds, aluminum oxide), and less importandy to gallium production 2inc ores and plants (see Zinc and zinc alloys) these are the main sources of gallium. Gallium is found also in the production of germanium from germanium minerals. In certain coals, the due dust may contain 0.001—0.05 wt % Ga, sometimes as high as 1 wt % Ga (see Coal). Micas are also gallium-rich (up to 0.1%) and gallium extraction from a combined spodumene andlepidoHte deposit (Rernic Lake, Ontario, Canada) was considered (see Micas, natural and synthetic). Gallium has also been extracted from copper ores (Apex mine, St. George, Utah).  [c.158]

Organic syntheses based on name reactions and unnamed reactions (1994) -- [ c.162 ]