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Other questions which will have to be studied in more detail refer to the role of micelle interactions. Note that they are not included in the approximate analysis sketched above. Von Gottberg et al. [142] have argued that excluded volume interactions between micelles are responsible for the shght  [c.654]

Examine structures of the different forms of rubber provided. Which is natural rubber and which is guttapercha How many monomers are in each strand  [c.250]

Siemens met the precision engineer Johann Georg Halske at Magnus s Institute of Physics in 1846. Together the two men founded Siemens Halske Telegraph Construction Co in 1847 to exploit the new technology of electric telegraphy, which had been established three years earlier with the first public telegraph line of Samuel Morse. Siemens improved the dial-telegraph, invented the method for a seamless insulation of copper wire with guttapercha, and discovered the multiple telegraphic use of copper conductors. The first long-line telegraph litie, which was 660 km long and laid by Siemens Halske between Berlin and Frankfurt was inaugurated on March 28, 1849, the day at which the first German national parliament in Frankfurt passed a constitution. His industrial career ensured, Siemens retired from the army. In 1851 Siemens Halske commenced installation of a telegraph line between Moscow and St. Petersburg. For the Russian project Siemens put his brother Carl in charge. In 1855 the telegraph network lor European Russia was installed, and through a Polish line a crucial link with Western Europe was established.  [c.1047]

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